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How I meal prep every week to help my week flow

I am not super organized at all.the.things but 10 years into being a mom, I have found things that benefit us and a lot of them are built habits.

The saying “it takes 21 days to build a habit,” has reigned true consistently when I’ve decided to try new things and create new flows in our home. Some things just don’t work for us, but I only learned that through trial and error. A lot of structure in my life comes from organized systems. 

I love my planner, calendar views in all the places, everything being in its place, and meals ready to go, but that requires backend work. Weekends are for getting all of my systems organized. I thrive better as a person in organization. I always have. As I get older and have a husband and children involved, my systems have changed but I still make sure to create them so I’m not flustered during the week. The frustration will happen if I am in a constant state of chaos and I cannot be the wife and mother I need to be in this headspace.

I’ve created a few checklists of what I do every Sunday for my scheduling and for my self care because I try and squeeze it in when I can and my husband is home. Check them out below. 

These are the things that I do every single Sunday that set my upcoming week up for success. I think that these might help you as well but if you have other things that you know help your week flow, plug them into the blank template and go for it! 

A major part of my upcoming week prep work requires food prep. There are seven of us that try to eat primarily at home and I have to meal prep certain things or the next week is complete chaos in my house for breakfasts, school lunches, and dinners (especially when we’re always running around between kid sports and gym time). Complete chaos! 

Here’s what I do in my fridge to meal prep the food:

Clean out fridge.

Trash anything expired or you know you won’t eat. Spray down inside of fridge.

Write out a meal plan.

Get out your calendar and figure out what meals you want to make for the week. During the weekend, Derrek and I take the time to talk about the up coming week and what meals we know we want to cook. This makes it so easy during the week and we don’t have to figure out daily what to cook. We’ve already got a plan in our heads and I’ve now written it down to help guide us even if the week gets hectic (which it often does). The written meal list with ingredients already ready to go has been HUGE for us to not just WAITR something because it’s quick.

Write your grocery list and order/pickup your groceries. 

Order your groceries for delivery, pick up or go in store and get them. Every Friday, I take the time to flip open my planner to the groceries section and fill out my list for the upcoming week. Then I start grabbing groceries from SC Real Foods, Farmers markets and grocery stores by Sunday morning. 

Wash, cut and put up all produce in storage containers.

Organize fridge by section.

Have specific places for condiments, produce, prepped meals, left overs, drinks etc

Sunday morning, I wipe out my fridge with Thieves cleaner then start meal prepping eggs, shredded chicken, cleaning my produce then cutting it all up, reorganize the fridge (read more about what I use to do this with here), and reorganize my pantry so everything is in its place and then I meal plan.

Are you struggling with eating healthy and at home during the week? I have a feeling that what I have shared might help you.  I hope that you try them for at least 21 days and then let me know what happens with new habits in your life to make like more simple and structured.

Save this image and print off to make your grocery shopping for the week easier.