Styling for Fall in the South

I don’t now about where you live but in South Carolina, it doesn’t get cold until closer to December. Every year I find myself falling into the trap of wearing a sweater or boots thinking that it will be cold all day, only to have it warm up by lunch and I’m sweating to death and regretting that decision. This year I decided to play it smart by just wearing fall colors instead of full on fall gear. I also decided to consult with my friend, Leah, owner of Mosaic Boutique, in Florence, SC on her top tips for styling for fall in the South.

Check out what she had to say about it! Her tips really prepped me for a temperature and seasonal appropriate wardrobe.

Tip # 1 – Dress in Layers

This is a MUST for fall in the South. In the mornings, it can be chilly, but as the day progresses, it can get quite warm, so it always helps to be able to shed layers as the day goes on to adjust with the temperature. 

Tip #2 – Add a Jacket

Transition some of your spring/summer dresses by adding a cropped or lightweight jacket. I have dresses in my closet that I wear year round and a little jacket or cardigan makes them feel more fall.

Tip # 3 – Lightweight pieces in Fall Hues

Continue to wear light weight pieces but do them in fall hues.

Tip # 4 – Invest in a Pair of Booties

A pair of booties will instantly make any outfit look more fall. I even love some floral dresses paired with a great pair of booties. 

Tip #5 – Lightweight Sweaters with Layering Potential

Choose lightweight sweaters and knits. It only gets really cold in the south in Jan/Feb so invest in lightweight pieces that can be layered and worn in a variety of temps. 

For my information about my fall outfit in these photos please click here. Shoes from: Mosaic Clothing

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