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S’Mores Cupcakes via Food Stirs Baking Kits

This post is in partner with Food Stirs. I received these products in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own, please read my disclaimer page for more information.

Believe it or not but I am not the worlds best baker. That’s why you rarely see sweet treats on my page. Even though I love sweets, I can never seem to make the “perfect” batch of anything. This has detoured me from baking a lot at home, until I found Food Stirs! Food Stirs is a company that makes organic and non-gmo baking mixes and kits. I found out about Food Stirs a few months ago and have baked with them ever since. I always involve the kids when I pull out the baking kits and they get SO excited! What kid doesn’t like helping in the kitchen? Especially when it’s making something sweet!

Our kids have been asking to go camping since they read a book a few months ago. We haven’t gone camping yet because it’s just been so hot and we haven’t had a free weekend to travel anywhere else yet. I know one of the main reasons they want to go camping is to make s’mores so when I found this s’mores themed baking kit, I had to get it!  These are actually cupcakes but were really fun to make. The kids helped A LOT with these and because of that, they aren’t perfect but we enjoyed them anyway!

No matter which kit you end up baking with, you’re bound to have fun and enjoy a sweet treat after your hard work is over. I recently learned that you can now purchase Food Stirs products at Target! (As if you really need another reason to go there, haha!) so you can either shop from the comfort of your own home via the Food Stirs website or you can travel to Target and shop your heart out.