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We Deserve Better, Home Glow Up!

I don’t know about how y’all feel but the stress of the outside world right now is not something I can handle. Everything is really dramatic and.intense and I’m glad to be in a little bubble at home. I know that we are very lucky to both be able to work from home but the whole five kids at home and having to homeschool our oldest two is a pretty interesting combination right now and we are just trying to figure out a groove.

One of the things that I am so very thankful for during this time is the ability to work on things that I’ve been wanting to but have put off due to time. Now that I’ve got more time at home, I can take the extra time to organize the rooms in my house like I want. I can declutter areas that have gotten a little out of hand, clean and deep clean thanks to a weekly and monthly cleaning schedule from Pinterest. I can do all the at home yoga and workouts that I always wished I could do verses loosing time traveling to and from the studio annddddd I can also work hard on my skincare game. Sounds like a fun time to me! So, I am choosing to be positive about this time.

I’m almost 6 months postpartum and my face is having a major rage fest right now so I figure this can only get better if I hyper focus on it, right? What does that mean to me? Well, I’m going to get my gut health right and use the probiotics made specifically for skin imperfections, I’ve even set a fun little alarm on my phone that says “TAKE PROBIOTICS” just in case I get super busy and forget. I am also backing off from wearing a lot of make up (most of the time I wear the Flawless in Five basics) and creating a simple but effective skincare routine.

It’s not just me that is focused on skincare right now., the entire skincare industry is seeing huge margins of growth as people stuck at home work on their quarantine glow up. No one really cares about washing their hair or doing their makeup but skincare routine is at an all time top priority. There’s a really great article that explains more in depth and you can read that by clicking here. One girl said “I thought, if I’m going to cocoon, I better come out a butterfly,” she told me. “So far I’m still ugly, but I’m hopeful.” This is our new normal and we’ve got to figure out how to make the best of it, will you quarantine glow up with us?

Beautycounter is the perfect Segway into our new skincare journey, why? Because we are the leaders of the clean beauty industry with the best of the best in performance and safety with all of the products created. Not only is that the case, Beautycounter is having a huge 10% off sale right now – even regimens and the Flawless in Five makeup bundle. You can can rest assured that your purchases are protected by a 60 day money back guarantee so, if you don’t love it you can send it all back for free.

Please message me before ordering so I can make sure that the coloring and products you’ve selected will work best with your skin type. I also recommend joining as a Band of Beauty member so you can maximize your savings.