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My 2018 Gym Life in Collaboration with Fabletics

Another week has come and gone and that means another week at the gym has as well. I started working out regularly when Derrek purchased gym memberships for the two of us a couple of months back. Derrek has worked out regularly for over ten years so I look to him for most of my guidance. At the end of 2017, I definitely took time off from the gym but I’ve picked back up where I left off! I can see how it becomes easy to slack off from working out regularly but I am a woman on a mission.

Seven years ago, I was 60 pounds overweight and very unhappy. This sparked my healthier lifestyle transition and I’ve never looked back! You can read about that here. It wasn’t easy but I just focused on changing one part of my life at the time and now everything is balanced. Well, as balanced as it can be with three kids, hahaha!

Since starting my health journey, I’ve began walking, playing tennis again, taking boxing classes, doing at home yoga and using the resistance weight machines at the gym. Let’s just talk about that last part… I don’t lift free weights very often but I love the machines because they help me feel like I know what I’m doing! When I go to the gym, I always stretch out first, workout with the resistance machines (either arms and abs or legs and butt) then I go walk/run on the treadmill at a steep incline or use the stair master. It all depends on how dead my legs are after my work out.

My goal in working out isn’t to loose weight or look a certain way in my clothes but to be physically fit. I want to be strong! I’ve never really had muscular body parts and I know that by taking my health to the next level, that I can take my body to a place it’s never been before. I’ll continue to document my progress for everyone and share things I’m doing via my blog so stay tuned.

I am also excited to partner with Fabletics over the course of the next year while showing my progress and styling their cute and affordable activewear. The Fabletics leggings are hands down my fav and I have yet to find another brand that can top them! I wear their outfits to work out (and who am I kidding, run errands in) everyday! They are so comfortable but really hold in all the parts you want held in. You can shop their website with a membership that allows you to skip or purchase every month. I always find cute new pieces that I want to add into my collection… yes I said collection because I love them all so much! Visit their website by going here.


  • Darragh Hayes

    Delighted to see someone so open about their journey to become healthy and stronger. Many that come to me are looking to achieve a better look for themselves. Which of course is an important thing but one has to be fit and strong first before one starts to truly look their best.

  • Lucy

    Amanda thank you for your frank and honest post. It has inspired me to push on and keep at it. Doctors advice is to keep at it but I feel reading this has given me more of a reason to persevere. Thanks