Meet Amanda

Hey y’all! I’m Amanda Scott and welcome to Little Southern Life!  

I am a work at home mother of 5 and entrepreneur residing in the beautiful little town of Florence, SC. My roots are here in the south and this little corner of the Internet is where I’ve been blessed enough to share our southern lifestyle and the health journey I started on 9 years ago. Click here to see how it all started. 

I met my husband Derrek in 2011 and my life was forever changed.  We’ve been busy the last few years adding a son and four daughters to our family! It’s been a crazy ride, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.  This blog is heavily focused on our marriage and commitment to a holistic lifestyle for our family. Derrek is a chiropractor so we stay well adjusted, and strive to maintain an organic diet while only using the safest products in our home.

We are confident in the choices we’ve made for our family and I love sharing with others everything we’ve learned along the way. Nobody’s journey to better health is perfect and we are far from it!  We are all a work in progress so this is our opportunity to share where we are and what we continue to learn. 

Aside from our healthy lifestyle, I love to share posts about marriage, travel, and what it’s like to be a small business owner while raising 5 small children. I am proud to be an Managing Director with Beautycounter and have made it my life’s work to spread our mission for safer beauty.  I pray that our work to bring safer personal care products to the public will resonate to future generations. 

This blog is a little snapshot of my life and the family Derrek and I have created. I’ve found it therapeutic to share our journey and feel blessed to have this space to be able to do so. The connections I’ve made through this blog have truly changed my life and I am glad you’re here! My hope is that you take something from each of my posts and let it inspire you to do something positive in your life. My goal for anyone I meet in life is to make an impact, in whatever way God intends. Thank you for following Little Southern Life! 

If you have any questions, please comment on my posts (I read each and every one!!) or email me at [email protected]


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