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How Often Do You Clean Your Makeup Brushes?

How often do you clean your makeup brushes? 

Let’s talk about it. This is a safe space and I won’t judge you. I’ll even be super upfront and share that up until a few years ago I NEVER EVER washed my makeup brushes… I would just replace them as they stopped working. I didn’t realize that they weren’t working because they were so dirty. What a ditz! Anyway, I PROMISE… I won’t judge but I really wanna know about this cleaning of the brushes situation so PLEASE share.

Here is why I asked about the cleaning of your makeup brushes. I bet you didn’t know that the average makeup brush contains bacteria after the application of product on your skin. This bacteria accumulates over time and can cause acne, clog your pores, make your skin dull and even completely change the way your makeup applies 😬 this is why it’s important to wash your makeup brushes to rid them of that bacteria, dead skin cells and oil. Dirty makeup brushes contribute to so many of our skin issues and if you’re like me you never made that connection until learning about the bacteria they contain!

⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀Knowing the importance of cleaning makeup brushes we use allows me to focus now on how to clean them and how often to do it. Once a week, I gather all of my makeup brushes and beauty blenders and give them a thorough cleaning with my Beautycounter charcoal bar, warm water and a rubber makeup brush cleaning mat from TJMAXX. I take the brush, wet under the warm water, swirl on my charcoal bar and then rub in circular motions on the mat. I squeeze out as much water as possible and lay on their side to dry overnight. By using the Beautycounter charcoal bar as my brush cleaner it helps get them squeaky clean and ready to work their magic with my makeup products. I also use this bar to clean my face since charcoal is so wonderful for purifying.

I do want to spotlight the makeup brushes that I use…

I invested in all Beautycounter makeup brushes a few years into my nontoxic lifestyle. Before these makeup brushes, I only used cheap store bought ones that shed after a few uses and never lasted me long. I haven’t had to replace any of my Beautycounter brushes since I initially invested in them because they are made with high performing synthetic-hair. They are inspired by artist paintbrushes and are weighted at the bristles to help apply color in an ergonomic fashion. These brushes are also built with longevity in mind because there is an elongated metal ring where the brush head meets the handle to help keep moisture away when washing.

To read more about what Beautycounter products I use, more about the brand and common questions, click HERE. I challenge you, after reading this post, to start washing your makeup brushes to help them work better and your skin cleaner and clearer 🤩