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Good Mornings Thanks to Breakfast and Coffee

Sleep isn’t something that I get a lot of these days so breakfast and coffee are my jam. I try to wake up before the kids but because Scarlet Reese is teething, it doesn’t happen as frequently right now. I search for all the little teasers of sleep and take full advantage even if it’s only ten or so minutes! This makes me really excited for breakfast and coffee. The kids and I have always been big breakfast eaters but now that it’s fall, it’s become even more of an obsession. If you haven’t checked out my healthy oatmeal casserole, you need to. The recipe is so delicious and really helps make breakfast easy because the entire family loves it. Lately, I’ve cooked it twice weekly lately and no one is complaining.

Some mornings are just go with the flow breakfasts and I let the kids pick everything out while I make my coffee. They pull out their Replay Recycled plates and cups and start making their breakfast demands, “a orange, scrambled eggs and jelly toast with a glass of chocolate almond milk.” We’ve used the Replay Recycled brand for about four years now and that’s honestly, the only type of serving ware the kids have. I love that you can buy the entire collection with divided plates, flat plates, bowls, cups, no spill cups (which are the bomb for road trips and the beach), forks and spoons. The collections save you a lot and allow you to get everything you need for all the kids! We have every color of the rainbow at this point but the Monochrome Collection has been my jam because of all things Halloween. We love spooky meals and color coordinating food to the plates.


While the kids eat their breakfasts and get their sillies out, I work on my coffee. I am sure y’all remember the way I used to make my coffee by putting it in the blender and adding several different ingredients. You can view the recipe here. But as of late, the kids take up more and more of my time so I’ve just been sticking to my French press. I found organic coffee made in Charleston, SC at Costco and I really love the flavor. I blend the beans once a week and keep what I need in an air tight container until I use it. I purchased my French press via Amazon and I couldn’t be more pleased. You add the coffee grounds into the bottom of the press, Pour boiling water over it and let them steep for ten minutes or so. Then you push down the top and pour your coffee. It keeps your coffee from having all the grounds in it and I also store the rest of the coffee in the fridge for later. After that, I add two scoops of Vital Proteins Marine Collagen to help with anti aging and overall healthy skin, hair and nails, and mix with a spoon. (you can read more about the different types of collagen, here) The last step to my coffee is adding a little Malk Organic’s Maple Pecan Milk my creamer and I’m good to go. Delicious coffee that helps my brain wake up and my soul feel good.

What is your morning routine? After breakfast we start our homeschool lessons and then go out and adventure. I would love to hear more about your routines so feel free to share in the comments. Also, be on the lookout for more recipes y’all, this will be another blog series called “Tasty Tuesdays!”