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Baby Delight Rocker to the Rescue

This post is in partner with Baby Delight. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Please read my disclaimer page for more information.

Ok ya’ll, today I’m gonna share one of my mom hacks with you. Life with a baby can get overwhelming, especially when you are trying to accomplish things with said baby around. I don’t know about you but when my babies get 6 months, they don’t want me to walk out of their site. They scream bloody murder and it really breaks my heart. And also frustrates me… I have to get myself presentable to leave the house or fold laundry or bathe the other kids and I can’t just listen to constant screaming. It really debilitates me and isn’t good for my baby either.

Enter the solution to my problem. Ya’ll, I raved about the Baby Delight Acid Reflux Recline Infant Napper when Mercy was just a few days old. She had terrible acid reflux and thanks to this contraption she was able to sit in an elevated position so she wouldn’t spit up as badly. I’ve been a huge fan of the Baby Delight products ever since. I looked through their website for a baby product that I could easily move from room to room for Mercy to use while I need to accomplish other tasks. I didn’t have to look too hard before I found this portable infant rocker. It has been a game changer in our home because she LOVES lounging in it.

This rocker is designed with that same incline so it helps the reflux issue while being super comfy. I lay her in this while I cook dinner, get the kids ready for school or give them their bathes and while I get ready and she just chills and plays with her toys. #winning right?! Ahhhhh, she doesn’t cry anymore which is a reason in it’s own to invest in one. But let me tell you, it will not break the bank. The price point is perfect and the quality is also just as great. It blends in with my home decor (which is a big deal for me because y’all know how I am about baby stuff “junking” up the house.) And it also is easy to rock so if I want her to nap I know she is nice and cozy. The mesh sides make it perfect for napping as well because I do not worry about the issue of suffocation.

If you are pregnant or have a little one, you need to get one of these, hands down! Four kids have made me super picky about what baby products are in my house but this one makes the cut. It is so cute and Mercy really does enjoy it when she lays in it. You can buy from the Baby Delight website and also shop around for other items that you need. I love all of the products that I have from them and I would never recommend a company that I didn’t LOVE myself.