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Mom Confessions of a Mom of FIVE
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Mom Confessions of a Mom of FIVE

Y’all, I love sharing stuff like this because I feel like I get to peel back the layers and really, REALLY show y’all who I am. I love sharing and educating about nontoxic and lifestyle things but #momlife stuff is a BIG part of my life as well.

For those of you that do not know, I have five children. One boy and four girls. Yes, I know what causes kids. Yes, I have my hands full. Yes, sometimes I just can’t wait for them to fall asleep but then spend hours snuggling them, staring and praying over them. I love my crazy busy life with them and am so thankful but I also wanna be real. Can I share how appreciative I am to be their mama and also say how hard and draining it is sometimes or will I be harassed by internet trolls?

Mom life is HARD. Period. Doesn’t matter if you have a village or not (even though I love my small little village) being a parent is HARD.

Knowing this, I work really hard to do things to help me of sound mind navigate motherhood. Thank God for yoga, I’ll say that first and foremost. That one hour (sometimes only 45 minutes) to myself is the best form of therapy I could give to myself and my mind. It makes me think about myself in an entirely different way and I didn’t realize how much I needed it until it happened.

Outside of this, I do a few other things that help me keep my sanity. These are my confessions *cue the Usher music and voice* of a mom of five.

Confession One – I love a good ole episode of ‘Vanderpump Rules.’ After a long day of work and after cooking supper, reading to the kids during bath, packing lunches and nighttime routines mama wants to binge on a good tv show. Vanderpump always gives me a little comic relief. I actually love documentaries too but I love a reality or funny show. Derrek and I are on the hunt for a new Netflix tv show to get into. Please share any of yours in the comments.

Confession Two – Sometimes I like to ride around in my car and blast music. It could be a new worship song from church or some Spring Break anthem from high school, you’ll never know depending on my mood of the time. My musical taste is such widely ranged I wish I could talk about it more but I never intend to offend. I love old rap songs, basic girlie love tunes, rock classics and what I heard last Sunday at church. You legit, never know what will be playing in my car but I hope you join my sing along, haha! For me music therapy is real and it really makes a difference in a hard day by being able to have some car karaoke time.

Confession Three – Long showers are yet another way I get through the day. I could sit in there and let all the hot water run out, that’s how much I LOVE taking a shower. When you have as many littles as I do it’s not possible to do that just any ole time of the day so after I take the older kids to school, I get Vivi to sleep then I’ll take Mercy and put her in the shower with me. That might be a little un orthodox for some people but when you’re craving that time and space to just chill it really makes the most sense. Mercy loves taking a shower just as much as I do and plays with her toys on the other side of me. I’ve always loved showers, oh and did I meant that I sit down when I take a shower? Only at my house though… I think that’s pretty self explanatory.

Confession Four – I am ever so annoyed with how many papers get sent home with fundraisers. I have five kids and NO time to take them all out to get our neighbors to buy candy bars when their kids are also doing the candy bars. When they get home, we have 1-2 hours of homework to work through Trying to explain this to my littles really never translates because they want that dang emoji keychain that you get when you sell a million chocolates. It really peeves me off when these come home because I spend days explaining to my kids that their dreams of that toy would be better spent just heading to the store and getting it. What do I choose to do instead? Help our schools in other ways. My children have a good work ethic (don’t get me wrong) but we donate to the food drives, make monetary donations, sign up for school related camps, and send in school supplies on rotation. I do want to support our school systems and work ethics so rest assured that I do my best to lead our kids in that way with the time we have.

Confession Five – I know I am from the south and I shouldn’t say things like this but you won’t see the kids wearing smocked outfits. I just can’t get my life to that level of matching. I have a zillion things to think about every day so my kids and I are doing good to get ourselves dressed (yes I said ourselves because I celebrate the kids being independent enough to pick out their own clothes and hope for the best) so all the smocked things just never made it into my life. I will probably get the biggest shake the head from the other Southern mamas reading this but y’all… not enough hours in the day. Delegation is huge for me to be able to accomplish all that I’d like. I do love the brand Kyte Baby (pictured on Vivi in these photos) for the comfiest pjs ever.

What you need to understand about moms is that we are really in survival mode 90% of the time with our children. Most of our pre-baby friends aren’t in the picture because we aren’t care free like we used to be. It can be very lonely and difficult to be a mom. Finding ways to translate to others how I am as a person in my motherhood journey is what I do early on. This way, if you see me in my true form how I am “in the wild,” it’s out there from the beginning. The more that we can authentically present ourselves to others will make it easier to find our people. I challenge you to share a few mom confessions of your own and see if it helps you make any connections.