Easy + Healthy Five Minute Breakfast That’s Kid Friendly

GOOD MORNING FRIENDS! Another week is here and that means another week of meal making in my household. You can probably imagine how much time I spend in the kitchen as a mom of five but honestly, my most favorite time in the kitchen is in the early mornings making breakfast. It can be really tricky for me to find meals that the entire family likes from youngest to oldest but it has become something that excites me and helps me stay adventurous with my cooking. Breakfasts aren’t something I like to spend a lot time making since I have to get all the kids dressed, ready and out the door for school. So, we focus on healthy + simple + quick and it works for us… unless I forget to schedule a grocery pick up.

I learned after spending a hefty amount on parfaits at restaurant on vacation that my children LOVE them and will not fight me one bit if I make them at home. So here we are, eating them weekly in our home. I love that the ingredients I make our home made parfaits with are full of nutrients and taste well… that’s the major part for my kids. They don’t care if it’s healthy – HA – the just want it to taste good and I don’t blame them. This breakfast is super easy to make and when you add in the superfoods it takes the health factor up several notches. I hope you try it out for yourself and let me know your thoughts.

-1/2 cup of greek yogurt
-1/2 cup of granola
-1/2 cup of berries
-1/4 cup of Wedderspoon Manuka honey (read about the health benefits by clicking here) use code: LITTLESOUTHERNWIFE for 10% off
-sprinkle of chia seeds

TIP: You can make parfaits visually cute by layering the ingredients in a glass jar but I was just being honest and sharing how I make them on the reg in my house!