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Top Time Blocking Tips From A Productive Mom of Five

Let’s talk about it. One of the most common questions I’m asked is how do I get it all done. Short answer is that I DON’T! (I promise I’ll share more about this in a minute) I get asked over and over the “secret” to doing all that I do and it’s going to be sitting down on Sunday and writing out EVERYTHING in my Weekly Walk Through Planner for the next seven days that I have to get done. Notice I didn’t say things that I want to get done, those are two very different things. By doing this, it allows me to balance my work from home jobs + 5 kids + keeping my marriage healthy- some days better then others but I digress.

Time blocking my week days really helps me make the most of the time I have. Time blocking is a way to break up activities based on their estimated required time and giving them specific times during the day. Basically treating your “to-do’s” like appointments. This really helps hold me accountable when it comes to my business. It also helps me become more present with my family and not feeling frazzled trying to accomplish my to do list.


1️⃣ I write down all personal and business commitments for the upcoming week with start and finish times. EXAMPLE: “Team Zoom Call from 9-10AM” These commitments are my actual in person appointments (in my head) and they are going to get done because I am assigning them positions in my daily calendar that will make them feel more important to me.

2️⃣ I have created color categories for each type of appointment. My business is navy, workout is pink, family is purple, and so on and so forth… visually seeing the calendar with different colors helps. I bought felt tip pens off of Amazon but you can buy them from anywhere. The color coding really helps me break up all the things and feel less overwhelmed.

3️⃣ Inserting my reoccurring appointments into my phone calendar and turn on the alert feature to prompt my 5 minutes before literally saves my life. It doesn’t matter that they are reoccurring, I will straight up forget. Call it mom brain or just forgetful, I don’t care. I live for the prompts on my phone for appointments. This is literally the only reason I get places on time without forgetting.

4️⃣ As I said above, Sunday is my day to sit down and batch my content for social media and also write out all the things in my calendar. During the week, I allot time to the review open blocks of time and add in things as needed per your schedule for home and/or work and also pulling things off the “want” list. If I have extra time to make a few TikTok’s or send “thank you” cards to my friends, this would be the time pockets I’m looking for to do so.

5️⃣ My biggest tip that I look through my calendar throughout the day to make sure I am on track. This also keeps me most productive because it’s a visual prompt. I am also very forgetful, as stated above, ha!

I challenge you when you’re feeling overwhelmed to grab a good ole pen and put it to paper. Just getting all the things you have to or want “to do” out of your head will make those feelings dissolve. I am firm believer that in order to thrive in a busy life, it is a must to write out everything in your calendar to keep up with it all and for your mental!

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