The Best Part of Waking Up is Coffee In Your Cup

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I post about coffee so much, you’d never guess that I NEVER drank it until after I had Scarlet Reese. I used to think that it was so nasty and I refused it anytime it was offered. Now, I find myself struggling to keep up with my day unless I have a cup. I’ve tried my hand at using my French press and combining things to make my own concoction but I never have the time to do all of that anymore. I recently found out that Daily Harvest released their own and I couldn’t be more excited. I am in love with their smoothie blends so I knew I wanted to give their coffee a chance. You can read more about their smoothies here.

For those of you who do not know about Daily Harvest, they are an organic, farm-frozen blend of smoothies, bowls or coffee that are delivered to your doorstep. You can opt to have them delivered weekly or monthly depending on your preference. I don’t know about ya’ll but I am always looking for new ways to simplify my life and scheduling deliveries for anything that I can is one of them. For me, skipping the store means saving money and time. I auto ship my monthly bundle from Daily Harvest so it was easy to add on a few of their lattes.

The Daily Harvest lattes taste great poured over ice or served hot. With four supercharged flavors for any time of day, all made with fresh botanicals. There are four different lattes to choose from: Chaga + Chocolate, Coffee + Cardamom, Ginger + Turmeric, or Matcha + Lemongrass. I knew I wanted to taste the coffee and cardamom so I ordered a few of those and the matcha and lemongrass because I love matcha as well. Each cup comes with three single-serve portions in each cup. They actually last a lot longer than the regular smoothie cups! I like to alternate between the two flavors that I ordered.

I am breastfeeding so, I only have one cup of coffee a day. It does not affect my milk supply nor my baby’s sleep patterns. I normally have my one cup in the morning when I am nursing her. It’s a peaceful time and I love to have that small window of calm during my day. If you are interested in trying Daily Harvest, I highly recommend adding a latte into the mix. Use code: LITTLESOUTHERNWIFE for up to $40 off your first box! Please be sure to let me know what flavors you try and which ones you really enjoy!

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  • Henry Collins

    Sounds great. I love coffee a lot, especially organic one. Not long ago I was reading about a coffee shop that sold coffee beans not older than 48 hrs from the moment it was harvested. I started buying ground coffee but as I learned more I switched to whole beans and grind them at home before preparing the coffee. Also, I am glad for your choice of breastfeeding the baby. The is a lot of benefits in breast milk!