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What is Somavedic and why is it beneficial?

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Do you know much about frequencies?

This topic has really peaked my interest over the last year and a half and I feel it’s important to share why.

We are all bio-electrical beings living on an electrical plant. God designed it this way.
Our bodies send electrical signals to every organ, through our central nervous system for us to function.

A few months ago, I unboxed a small, neon green glass disk and plugged it in my kitchen, near our WIFI box. Somavedic is a vibrational technology designed to create a coherent field to negate potentially harmful wavelengths in your home, especially EMFs.

See, in my search for more information about frequencies, I realized how much today’s world provokes us on a daily basis.

How exactly does a Somavedic work?

I personally use one in my car as well as in my home. I have a green in my home and a harmony in my car. I suggest you check out their website of every model they make before purchasing and determine which would work best in your space.

If this is something that is of interest to you, Somavedic has been so generous as to give my readers 10% off their purchase with code: littlesouthernwife at checkout.

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