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Acne Struggles? Try this mask!

I have struggled with acne my entire life. Acne on my face, neck and chest is something that has always been an issue on my skin but I NEVER took the time to even ask why this could be. A few years ago, I decided to dig deeper and that’s when I associated a lot to my personal care products, my diet and then stress. Stress is the constant factor in my acne as of right now as I’ve worked on all of the other issues. I have had a lot of friends and family message me asking what to do about their “mask-ne”(acne as a result of wearing a mask)…. this is a great solution for those issues as well!!!

On the rare occasions that I have breakouts, I love to combat them in the form of masks. The Primally Pure Clarifying Face Mask caught my eye on their website when I was ordering more palo Santo sticks. This face mask caught my eye because it targets breakouts, helps with brightening and deeply detoxifies pores. All the acne yuck likes to hang out in our pores and clog them so a mask specifically for acne can help in certain situations.

The active ingredients in the Clarifying mask by Primally Pure are White Willow Bark Powder, Marula Oil and Turmeric Powder. These are a powerhouse of holistic ingredients that when used together can help with a plethora of skin issues. I have used this mask for about 2 months now and it has drastically helped the surface of my skin when I am hit with stress break outs. I do not use it often but anytime lots of breakouts occur, I cut down my regular skincare routine and only wash with a wash cloth and a Beautycounter charcoal bar. This mask is used 2 times weekly until break outs are gone. Be aware that is a sticky formula so you can either apply with a brush or your fingers. I have found that when I alternate my products, my skin reacts better than if I use the same products over and over!

If you are suffering from acne flare ups, uneven skin tone or have trouble cleaning your pores, the Clarifying face mask by Primally Pure is hands down a great mask to have in your bathroom! Head to the Primally Pure website to check it out along with my absolute favorite Palo Santo sticks while you’re there. If you try any of the products I would love to hear how they’re working for you!