The Best Advice I’ve Ever Received About Work

“You can do it all but you cannot do it all in one day.”

Have you ever heard this statement? It’s something that was shared with me a few years ago and resonates with me several times a day. I am someone who has extremely BIG goals for herself, is working multiple businesses and raising five babies. To say I am busy is the understatement of the century. I am sure we can all say that we are at least somewhat busy with life and wanting to make sure we maximize the time we devote to work. If you have multiple things to juggle, you’re reading the right post, I have become a little good at figuring it all out.

Don’t let my pep talk words fool you, figuring it all out is very different than getting it all done. It’s impossible to be a mom, work multiple jobs and accomplish everything on your TO DO list every single day. The load we carry right now is bigger than ever and being hard on ourselves only makes it worse. “You can do it all but you cannot do it all in one day” so STOP giving yourself these goals that you never accomplish and make you feel like you wasted your day. We all deserve the mental happiness that it is settling down to sleep and knowing we had a great day filled with things we accomplished.


1. I make small TO DO lists – When I first started making TO DO lists, I always made me with every single thing that came into my mental but now I make them small and tangible. There’s no point to make a list unless you’re real with yourself on how much you can accomplish from it. My normal number is 4-5 tasks to focus on with my daily work list. Why do we set unrealistic expectations for our day with a super long TO DO list then take our anger and frustrations out on the great day we had just because we didn’t complete everything? Focus on setting yourself up for success by giving yourself action items to tackle with the time you have.

2. I set real business hours – These lists in my phone and in my planner contain the most important things that require my focus and I make sure that I do them before I do other fun things like watch tv, grab a sweet treat from the açaí place or scroll on social media. YES, I said that. I do not scroll on social media until my TO DO list is done. Taking my lists seriously and working hard to complete them actually helps me check things off and treats my business like the real business it is. I am also not apologetic with my business hours. I set aside ___ time (that changes daily right now) and I sit and work in quiet during that time. Try making this a habit and see how it helps in your work life.

3. I plan out my week with my calendar – I LIVE FOR MY COLOR CODED CALENDER. I know that not everyone cares about their planner like I do but it really does help me stay on top of things we have planned for the week. I am less frazzled when I sit own and fill out my upcoming week and it helps me plan meals, family events, time for myself and any appointments or special things I need to remember. I do not have the brain space at this point to remember ALL THE THINGS so being honest with myself and making myself write them down holds me accountable. I also have a wall calendar in our laundry room that I fill weekly just in case my husband or any of the kids want to look at it.

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