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Why I Decided To Get Hair Extensions Postpartum After Baby Number 6

In early January, I decided to take the plunge and get hair extensions and I absolutely LOVE them. You’re probably wondering why I would do something like this so here it goes…

For the past ten years, I’ve been pregnant or postpartum and my hair has seen better days. Every single time I have a baby, my hair goes through a major shedding stage to where I’m left with legit large bald spots and regrowth that looks like someone got a pair of scissors and gave me Barbie bangs. 

NOTHING HAS HELPED MY REGROWTH to where I’ve been able to get long hair again. No amount of vitamins, supplements, hair products or essential oils I’ve rubbed directly on my scalp has made a positive difference in my hair growth. My body is doing the best it can after back to back pregnancies and I’m actually impressed that it looks as good as it has over the last ten years.

After I had my sixth baby in June, I knew I would have to prepare mentally to when my hair would start to shed as it normally does after I have a baby. I always lose hair in the same places which result in the nicest Barbie bangs you could imagine. I really wanted to skip the awkwardness surrounding all of the hair fall out and regrowth and this is what I decided to just go for it and get hand tied Covet and Mane hair extensions.

I chose Covet and Mane for a few reasons and I am VERY impressed by the quality after wearing for a few months. Their wefts allow you to customize them to fit he dimensions of your head without unraveling. They use authentic human hair removing the worry about poor-quality extensions that shed, unravel, or get brassy as you lift. I also love that they use silicone-free hair that gives you the most beautiful natural texture and blends seamlessly with your real hair.

Another reason that I really like this brand is because Covet & Mane prides their business of being an exclusive brand for select stylists who are masters in their technique. They are committed to only selling their product to stylists who are constantly improving their transformational skills in extensions. As a brand, they are dedicated to empowering their collective of stylists to unleash the true potential of their clients to feel beautiful and be their best selves. This is why I specifically wanted to work with Barbi Benton Lee from The Salon of Florence.

Barbi an extension specialist and salon owner in Florence, SC. She has done hair for 23 years and has focused her attention and education on extensions for the past 4. She trained with NBR and Luna Method and is now doing extension services only. Not only is her work top notch but the level of intimacy she creates with her clients is something I’ve really longed for. I wanted to have someone hold my hand and walk me through the entire process, even after I left her chair and she has done that and more. I have leaned on her to learn how to not only style but sleep, wash, blow dry and protect my real hair and extension hair. Barbi has taken my extension experience to the next level because she really has walked me through everything I’ve needed even when I didn’t realize I needed it. I am blown away by the level of luxury and also laidback-ness she has.

The length I wanted, I haven’t had in ten years! 🥹 the 22” have given me my mermaid hair and confidence back. I was able to pick out what length I wanted and work with Barbi on my custom color to create the most beautiful darker look for winter. I have since gone back to Barbi to have my extensions moved up (you want to move them up every 6-8 weeks) and I had my real hair lightened just a bit to warm up into Spring. Pricing all depends on what shape your hair is currently in before she starts working, how many wefts needed for your hair and what she needs to do to blend and create your new look. You MUST book a consult for any type of pricing. I cannot share that information here.

The extension hair itself is really easy to work with. I wash and blow dry it every 7-8 days and that is the hardest part in my opinion. There is a specific way to wash your hair to really get it all clean to start fresh and it’s really important to twist and squeeze as much water out as possible after washing so you don’t have to blow dry for a long period of time. I normally style it really well the day after I’ve washed them and with the right preparation at night before I go to sleep my style lasts 2-3 days before I need to touch up with a curling wand. I have really appreciated all of Barbi’s hair tutorials and FAQ videos on how to take care of your extensions on her social media page. it has helped me feel more confident while working with my extensions and every time I have a specific question I know I can either text her or visit her page for a step-by-step video.

I switched to use all ORIBE products from The Salon once I had my extensions in. Reasoning for this is because this line specifically helps keep the extension hair and my real hair at it’s best quality when I am not at the salon. Oribe does not position their brand to be a clean beauty brand because the definition of “clean beauty” differs from brand to brand, market to market and, most of all, is not regulated. For example, some ingredient(s) can be allowed in one brand’s “clean beauty” standard and yet prohibited by another. Oribe Hair Care’s focus is to formulate products with safe, high quality and innovative ingredients. They strive to formulate their products with the highest level of natural or naturally derived ingredients possible given the specific formula; however, product safety and performance are their primary goals. They have an extensive list of restricted ingredients that they do not formulate with. Each product is carefully crafted with a blend of natural, naturally derived and the optimal synthetic (i.e., highly functional silicones) ingredients such that performance is never compromised. You can learn more about their brand by clicking here.

If you’re wanting to learn more about Covet and Mane and also book directly with Barbi, visit this link to learn more!