My Work Schedule and Why Bluelight Glasses Are a Must For Me

Getting into a groove with a work schedule now that I am homeschooling 3 out of 5 of our children. I’ve learned as a mom to give my kids and myself all the grace and don’t focus on a strict time blocked schedule but a more relaxed loosely time blocked schedule.

Many of you know that I am a Managing Director with Beautycounter and I also run this lifestyle and health and wellness blog full time. As a Managing Director, I have around 500 women on my team that I spend time coaching, mentoring and just uplifting every single day. In addition to my amazing team, I also try to connect daily with my clients and members that shop Beautycounter. That alone is a full time job BUT my blog also takes up a lot of time and it is a full time job in itself. In the past, I’ve shared how exactly I spend my time working with Beautycounter and also my tips for starting your own blog. I will say that in this new season of life, I’m learning that how I worked doesn’t work for my family right now.

Nolan and Harper both have full school days at home and Scarlet Reese being in preschool she has “optional” days but we still complete them. She loves her activities and building those fine motor skills are SO important at her age. Her teachers have been so wonderful and are trying to upload videos online for her and her other classmates to watch at home while school is out. I’m so thankful that the older two kids have class modules and can do a lot of their work on their own. They both still love for me to sit with them while they work so I take breaks from just being with the smaller ones when they are napping or will play with their toys for a little while so I can help the older ones complete their lessons. When I am at home by myself and Derrek is at work, my entire focus is on the kids and I have taken the time to prepare my social media content before hand. In doing this, it’s ready to push out when I have a random moment to sit down.

When it comes to my actual work, I am preparing my content the Sunday before the week starts so I can just share it seamlessly while at home with the kids. I am pushing out prepared content and also answering questions and communicating with people in random spare moments throughout my day. For me, I cannot commit to anything other than that until Derrek gets home from work. I try and wake up before the kids do during the week and sometimes that works and sometimes it doesn’t. When I do wake up earlier before them, I can squeeze a yoga session and work time in before they wake up. Once Derrek gets home from work during the week, I take 2-3 hours to myself so I can work BOTH of my jobs.

To get this work in, I head to my bedroom and shut the door. If the baby needs to nurse Derrek brings her to me but other than that he acts like I’m not even home so I can accomplish what I need to do that day. Most of the time it’s checking in with my clients and members, getting samples sent out, writing blogs, curating content for social media, updating Pinterest, sending emails and invoices to companies and any other random things like zoom meetings and training calls. I don’t loop my voxer time and communication time with my team in this time because I make time for that during the day during those other random times. It takes me 2 minutes to send someone a Voxer that they can check when it’s convenient for them and respond back. Voxer is a huge help for my business and also just to connect with other women and not go crazy while being at home with five kids.

In my opinion, I love to hustle so there is always work to be done somewhere somehow. With limited amount of time, I just plug in things from my to-do list with whatever I’m given that day and go with it. It’s hard to not let my expectations get in the way of our happiness but I am bound and determined to figure this out. This is our new normal and my kid’s mental health will come before anything else. I might not get EVERYTHING done that I was before this happened but what if all of that is for a reason? To spend more focused time on my family and love and appreciate what we have here? Whatever the reasons, I’m thankful for grace until we find our new normal.

Not too long ago, I started experiencing eye issues and have sense focused on reducing my blue light exposure. A year ago, I wrote this blog that’s focused on blue light and explains why it’s bad for us and also ways to reduce it. I am sharing since most of us work from home or are in front of technology. When you’re working at home and in front of your phone or computer you need to be super mindful of your eyesight. I found these blue light blocking glasses not to long ago and LOVE them! They come in a two pack and have helped my eyesight so much since I work from my phone. Give blue light a search and see for yourself it’s something that could be beneficial to you.

I hope that you all are able to find a good work schedule that works for you and your kids if you have them. Finding our new normal, setting tangible goals and also giving ourselves all the grace super important at all times but especially now since emotions are heightened. I am sending lots of love and positive vibes to you! You can do this. Message me if you’d ever like to bounce ideas off of each other.