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It’s Fall Y’all!

October has always been one of my favorite months of the year! But it also always flies by so quickly and I miss it dearly! We always try and pack as many activities and fall things in this month, I wanted to share a few of our favorites. Get your cozy blankets and a maple coffee and continue reading to hear more about how we make the most out of FALL!

Buy pumpkins. Heading to a fall festival or a pumpkin patch should definitely be on your October bucket list. If you’re like me and waiting on the weather to cool off before you go to either of those things, buy a few pumpkins when you’re at the grocery store. I love the small white ones to plop in different places throughout my house, the kids always get a few smaller orange ones to put in their rooms and playroom and I let them paint one and then I always get two large ones to sit on my front porch. When we head to the pumpkin patch, I’ll get my mums (they always die if I buy them to early) and other big pumpkins for the porch. Pumpkins in the house always makes us feel extra festive and they are such a cute way to decorate!

Find fall recipes on Pinterest and make them. The crock pot soup, pumpkin cookies and root veggie quiche recipes you saw on Pinterest or in a cookbook, save them to your phone and make them! Not only will your belly love you but so will the kids. I always incorporate fall recipes into our lives when the weather starts changing and involving the kids during the cooking process makes them so excited! It also helps me spice up our food routine and keep us from eating the same thing over and over. I normally try one or two new recipes a week and it helps change things up! Cooking is my love language and finding good recipes especially ones that remind me of my childhood make my heart so happy! Take it up a notch and head outside to eat dinner one night, it will make the kids super excited about their meal and make your weeknight more exciting!

Movie nights for the win. Something that I LOVE is having a family movie night. I always make homemade popcorn and hot chocolate and let the kids make pallets in front of our living room tv. I record all the fall movies and let them have their pick once a week. We have Hocus Pocus, The Great Pumpkin, Hotel Transylvania and Casper in our line up right now. (This would also be a great time to break out the pumpkin cookies you made earlier too!)

Break out the fall essential oils. We don’t use candles. You can read more about that here. I love scents that smell like fall and if you search on Pinterest, you’re bound and determined to find a good diffuser blend you will love. Put it in the diffuser and let it work its magic. It will also keep you in a festive mood!

Go to the fair. We go to the fair every year and it just gets better and better. This is when we do our “vacation meals” and always grab a funnel cake and candied apples. Derrek and I always are so sore the day after the fair from laughing so hard at the kids faces. They are filled with so much excitement and wonder it really helps you focus on seeing things through a child’s eyes!

Open up the windows and enjoy the fresh air. One of the major perks during fall here in the South is that mosquitos disappear. Can I get an amen? It’s so hard to hang outside when you are constantly swatting bugs. Now that they have gone back to their hiding place, opening the windows is one of my favorite things to do. A breeze blowing through the house with fresh air and snuggling under a fuzzy blanket, yes please!

Go to a football game. I don’t know if you’re located near your old high school but if you are, head out to a Friday night game. If you’re not, here’s your chance to get out in your local community and show support to your town’s team. Our kids love running around at the football games and it’s a great way to get out of the house on a Friday night. We love attending a few games while it’s cool but not freezing cold.

Head out for a walk in the morning. Fall mornings are hands down my favorite. Everything is so quiet and still wet with dew. I love going for walks and crunching leaves with the kids and just talking about our surroundings. The kids and I have started a little tradition of playing “I SPY” when we go for walks and also when I am trying to keep them awake in the car, haha. They love it and it really helps with their imagination.

I hope y’all are enjoying October so far & this has given you a few ideas for ways to slow down and enjoy every minute! Please feel free to share your favorite October activities!