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The Perfect Bottle with Munchkin

This blog has been compensated by Munchkin and I received these products in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. Read my disclaimer page for more information. August is Breast Feeding Awareness Month, so I wanted to share a little bit of what makes breastfeeding and bottle-feeding easier in my life. With Scarlet being my third baby and this being my third time breastfeeding, I knew that I would have to prepare myself for engorgement during the first few weeks. Thankfully, I purchased a breast pump with the gift cards from my baby sprinkle and have stored a pretty impressive milk stash in the fridge. One of the things that Nolan has really wanted to do once Scarlet was here was feed her with a bottle. He understands that I feed her mommy milk, but I knew that him being able to actually feed her would bring him a lot of happiness. I’ve tried several different bottles with each baby, but I’ve always found that the Munchkin brand is really well-loved by my kids.

The issue that a lot of breast feeding moms find is that there is nipple confusion when they introduce bottles. It can be really frustrating emotionally and financially trying to find the right fit for your little one. Thankfully, we found the Munckin Latch bottle and it worked like magic during feeding time. The soft nipple is what I think contributes to the ease of use with this bottle. I’m so thankful that we found a bottle that Scarlet likes because I know in the future I will need to go out of town to work or would like to go on a date with Derrek and not having to worry if she will take a bottle will take a lot of stress out of being gone.

We also love the ease of clean up with their bottle brushes. I have always dreaded trying to clean out a bottle, but now that we have the Munchkin bottle brushes, the clean-up is super easy and makes me feel confident that I am cleaning the bottles correctly and thoroughly. Not only is cleaning her bottles easier after feeds, but cleaning my breast pump parts has become a breeze. Munchkin makes a really easy to use bag that you put your breast pump parts into for easy clean up. You steam it in your microwave and voila!, all of your breast pump parts have been sanitized and are ready for use. I love how if I’m on the go, I can stash my parts in the bag and steam them when I get back home. This takes the mess out of pumping and makes it a less unpleasant experience all around. I’ve found that by using the Munchkin products, I have been able to enjoy these parts of breastfeeding and bottle-feeding versus dreading when they happen. The kids and Derrek really enjoy being able to feed our new little one and making memories that will last a lifetime.