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My Top Five Indoor Plant Tips

I am obsessed with plants, especially indoor plants. The last few years I’ve grown my little plant family and have several plants in every room of my home. I love the way the green just brightens up any corner in any room. The foliage is something that is not only visually appealing but also therapeutic. Plants have an amazing ability to filter the air and can reduce allergy issues, respiratory issues and even headaches! I have really loved the health benefits that plants give, they are living and breathing (in their own way) miracles and having them in our home benefits us greatly. You can read more about the benefits of having indoor plants by clicking here.

As I’ve grown to become a plant mama ( I LOVE IT, seriously, they all have names. Call me crazy, I don’t care, ha!) I’ve learned more about them and how to help them thrive better. I wanted to share a few tips with you in case you find yourself struggling and wanting to do better for your little plant babies. I am still learning things myself so I’m sharing my top five plant tips and I would love for those of you that are more seasoned so share what you do to love on your plants.

  1. Give Them a Shower – I do this about once a month, I stick them in the shower to get a good watering then I wipe the leaves down with a Norwex cloth. Why? Dusting the leaves of your plants will help them continue to photosynthesize to look fresh and clean.
  2. Mist With Water – I love using a little hand mister – I ordered from Do Terra to mist my plants with water. It is a quick way to give them a daily boost with nutrients. I especially love taking the epsom salt water from a bath (less waste of water) to water my plants and even add to the mister. Epsom salt not only helps our bodies but plants too, they need magnesium and sulfur which epsom salt has both!
  3. Know When to Water – I have killed plants by over watering or under watering! It is so important to know what your plant needs. I keep the little tip cards when they come into the house and memorize it. Another thing that I have done that has been super helpful is to add alarms on my phone. I have them set for Sunday mostly but this has helped me remember to water. It’s also important to check the soil before you water. Most plants like to have their soil dry before you water them again.
  4. Know What Type of Light They Need – I have also killed plants by not putting them in the space they deserve. A lot of plants cannot survive in low or no light areas and I have unfortunately caused my plants harm by not putting them in the right area. A little research on your plant will go a long way when you are looking into the care involved. This can be the difference in your plant surviving and thriving. Most plants belong near a sunny window and will grow larger than you could have ever imagined! I am currently seeing this with my fig leaf tree in our bedroom and also this rubber plant.
  5. Know What Size Pot They Need – This was NEVER a thought that crossed my brain until recently. I was the person who thought that if the plant fit in the pot, that was the size it needed. OH WOW, was I wrong. You need to look at the pot your plant needs when it grows, not the way it is now. If you don’t pick a bigger pot then your plant will not grow larger. I personally get a pot that is two inches bigger than the pot that the plant is currently in.

I purchase all of my plants and pots from Forest Lake Greenhouse. You can follow them on @forestlakegreenhouses on Instagram.