Rent the Runway – The Reason Why I Tried It + Why I Love It

I am often asked where my clothes come from. I link what I can – the things that are this season and not sold out online. I also started doing something different back in March when it comes to shopping and updating my wardrobe and it plays a huge part in the pieces you ask me to link.

If you don’t know this about me, I am a minimalist. The amount of clutter that comes along with a family my size is crazy and I am constantly getting rid of things via donating locally. This minimalist mentality also goes for wardrobe. When I was younger, I wanted more items of clothing and didn’t care how much they cost. Now, I would rather spend a little bit extra on a few quality items to rotate over and over. By doing this, I have my staple wardrobe items but I also keep my items from changing in texture with wash wear. I really do have texture issues and fabric texture on items of clothing I wear is huge. That’s why I stopped buying super cheap things because of the type of material, it always changes in texture. I also want to live more sustainability and this means not buying as much stuff.

Buying stuff is a habit I think a lot of people, including myself fall into blindly without realizing it. I want to do better because I see it after the fact but it’s an emotional void I am trying to fill. My current motto is buy less, save more and also focus on those higher quality pieces that I was referring to earlier.

One of my friends told me about this website called Rent the Runway before we were supposed to leave for a business trip. I was just a few months postpartum at this time and not feeling the most confident about my body. None of the nicer clothing in my closet fit me and I really needed dressier options for this trip that required buying them. Instead of buying a ton of clothes that I wouldn’t wear long-term, I decided to give Rent the Runway a shot. This is a monthly clothing subscription where you rent designer clothing at a flat rate every month. It has the most insanely gorgeous and expensive items that I would never spend money on in real life but I’m able to rent them and stay up-to-date on trend without investing in a ton of expensive trendy pieces. It’s also a really wonderful way to shop for weddings that you have to go to or any super dressy function because let’s be real, who wears the same dresses that you wear to weddings or really nice events?

Whenever I want to pick out items through my Rent the Runway subscription, the app that I downloaded for their business, and I can look through their available inventory. They get new items in all the time, and have everything from athletic wear to formal ball gowns. There are many ways to filter your search is with an app for what you’re looking for. Once I have my four items in my cart, click submit and Rent the Runway ships the items to my house in a garment bag with a prepaid return label to return when I’m finish wearing. A lot of what you guys have seen in my pictures is from rent the runway. Whenever I am finish wearing an item I just put it in the garment bag and return it via UPS. I do not have to wash anything just put it in the bag and ship it back. It couldn’t be easier.

At this time, Rent the Runway is not doing a referral program nor do I have a discount code that I can share with you, I really wish I did but at this time I see why they aren’t offering that. I just get asked all the time about the clothing that I wear and this is where it comes from so I figured I would spill the beans. IT’S RENTED!!!! I hope you check it out and see if it’s something that would benefit you when it comes to clothing.