Living My Best Life




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Many of you know my health story but many of you do not. Many moons ago (when I was in college) I was at my most unhealthy. I was focused on partying.. HARD, pretty much every night. That was my everything and I really dove into that lifestyle. I would spend my days eating fast food, getting ready for a big night out, pregaming in my apartment and smoking cigs and drinking hard liquor until the wee hours of the morning. Then I would hit up the drive through one last time before I went home and passed out in my makeup. Whoa, that’s livin’… I thought I was living my best life.

Reflecting on that time period that lasted almost ten years, I was at my lowest point. I didn’t realize that I was doing all of that to fill a void within myself that those things would in actuality never fill. I ended up on several antidepressants and 60+ pounds heavier than I am now. Miserable and unaware that I could in fact live a happy and healthy life, it took looking in the mirror one day and feeling absolutely disgusted with myself to make a change. I had become so overweight that I didn’t even recognize myself. During this time, I would try and make it to the tanning salon twice a day to tan the fat that I could no longer hide. It was awful ya’ll.

I want to reshare my “becoming healthy” blog series because I think it’s something we can all step back and reconsider about ourselves. Especially during the holiday season where food and booze flows like water. We are given this body as a vessel and how we treat it determines what we do with it. I didn’t want to live on a sinking ship and once I decided to open ONE door to my health (loosing the weight that had crept on me), the doors kept opening. I have learned SO much since changing my lifestyle that it makes me so happy to share it all with you! If you are feeling like you don’t want to live like you are… if you feel like a prisoner in your own body… if you feel like you want to be healthy then just decide to make a change. It doesn’t matter where you start just start somewhere.

Below, you can find the links to three of my healthy blog series posts. The first post includes before and after pictures of my weight and how I started. The next is a list of things NOT to do when focusing on your health and the third is about what to do and focus on. I hope this helps ya’ll, please leave me comments of anything else you want me to answer as I continue to update this series.