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The Importance of Staying Positive

Why are you viewing photos of me meditating and going through a yoga flow when the topic of this blog is about being positive? Because the first thing I want to do every time I see these photos is to critique myself. But guess what, this body deserves some love and positivity. It’s carried 5 babies, almost 31 years of living and hopefully will keep me on this earth for a very long time. I write this as I’m sitting on the floor of my bedroom after getting my 6 month old to nap. I’m tired, worn out, stretched thin, million things on my to do list, and feeling thirsty but don’t want to move because I might wake the baby, etc etc. I could go on and on. I know the title of the post is all about positivity so why am I dumping my negativity here? To show that everyone, every single one of us has hard days, moments, thoughts etc. This is all life’s constant up and down ebb and flow cycle. But being positive is very important and something we should all be mindful of and just how quickly negativity can take a strong hold on us and change the direction of our life.

I want to give you and also myself very simple and clear tips to handling negative thoughts. We’re all going to have them, so why not have a game plan for when it happens? Confront them head on and watch them dissolve. That’s taking our power back and I’m here for it! By focusing on what we can control verses what we can’t, it helps us also keep a positive mindset. Obsessing over things that are out of our control causes so many negative things to creep in. Replace those obsessing thoughts with loving and realistic thoughts and see what happens!

1. Be conscious of your thoughts

2. Keep busy

3. Get rest

4. Avoid triggers

5. Listen to music

At the end of the day, I want to know that I had the courage to be my happiest, healthiest version of myself. Being positive goes hand in hand in that. It’s also remembering that being positive isn’t pretending that everything is good, it’s seeing the good in everything. Why not try it and just test to see what happens?!?