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I’ve Got a Secret!

TGIF! Woooooo thank goodness. This week has been filled with lots and lots of stuff. I’ll leave it at that. Normally I would fully disclose all aspects of my life but at this point I want to keep it to myself.  I am asking for your thoughts and prayers because those are the most powerful things I could receive. Just know that I am so appreciative for every single one of you and the amazing connections we have formed along this journey.

I hope that ya’ll understand the importance of decompressing on the weekends. Work weeks can be so stressful and hectic that your weekends should be your solace. I am so thankful that I get a few days with my husband home and we don’t have any plans other than to be with each other. Choose to be present with your thoughts and be thankful for the things that you love about your life.

I am sharing this as a way of holding myself accountable and to help someone else in this situation. Get out of your head. Worrying does nothing but cause you to loose focus. God has got you, he has a plan for you, just let him show you the plan. LISTEN! So, this weekend I am choosing to be present, focus and pour into my family. They are what is most important and everything else is secondary.

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  • Sarah Drumheller

    Congratulations! And…Thank you I needed to hear this! Prayers and positive vibes coming to the six of you.