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A Day In the Life

What does a day in my life look like? I am asked about this A LOT! A day in my life is crazy but a little structured. That sounds so silly hahahahaha! But it’s true! Monday-Friday you can normally find us home unless we make a random trip, I have a buisness meeting, a play date or go to our homeschool Co Op. The weekends we normally go do family activities or Derrek and I go on a date and that’s when I go grocery shopping.

I am very much a homebody but I like to get out of the house 2 times a week for several hours. Everyday I make time to go to the gym for about an hour and that right there, that’s a game changer for my soul! Since I’ve started leaving home to workout at a gym, I am a lot more focused on bettering my body and staying on task while working out. Derrek even sees a difference in my spirit when I am able to hit the gym for that hour! So if you can, I say JOIN A GYM!

During the week, I homeschool Nolan and Harper. I say Harper because she is 100% glued to Nolan’s side and always wants to do what he is doing so I have age appropriate worksheets and crafts for her while Nolan is working on his lessons. 8-8:30 we normally eat breakfast then they brush their teeth and change into day clothes before we start homeschool. I would say we always start 9ish and are finished by 12:30. That’s when we eat lunch and read a few books while I get Scarlet Reese to sleep. Then the kids play, watch a little tv or do crafts. Around 2, Mrs. Winnie, our nanny, normally comes a few days a week so while she plays with the kids I sneak away to work for an hour and a half. Then the kids and I load up and head to the playground while Derrek works out and then he takes the kids home while I work out. When I get home, I cook dinner then he gets the kids bathed while I do a little computer work. I put the kids into bed and read about 6 books before they fall asleep. Then Derrek and I hang out and watch tv or talk. We are huge suckers for reality tv. He watches all of the Housewives (except Dallas, we don’t watch them), the Walking Dead, How to Get Away with Murder, Below Deck… etc we love catching a good series to get hooked on.

So, my life really isn’t that interesting hahaha. We have a good little routine going and it works for all of us and makes us happy. I’m not a strict stickler for time, and good thing because I’m never on time haha! But I am pleased when we start things a little before or a little after normal time for our family. What works for us might not work for you and vice versa. I have never timed my kids naps or sleeping through the night or made sure that they do x,y and z at an exact time. Some days we wake up at 6 and our day starts way earlier and we go through the motions earlier and some days it all starts later.

I’ve found that life is all about giving yourself a little grace and a little more love. We are all doing the best we can and doing what works for you and what makes you happy should always be your number one priority. I hope that this helps you think more about getting into a groove with your life and your family’s life that works well for everyone involved!