Habits to Set You Up for a Successful Week

Don’t let your daily thought process say “what am I going to work on today?” let’s organize our week together so we can flow through it easier and we already know what we need to prepare for.

In my motherhood journey, I’ve felt so chaotic, overwhelmed and there’s not to mention, always something to do. This has also caused Re occurring issues and in my life when I do not consistently get my family’s flow together. Life works so much easier when it organized and has so sort of plan. I am the center of our family unit, and this is the main reason I’ve got my act together. So, I’m sharing the simple ways I’ve been trying to get back on track for all the ladies who can relate.

Set timers.
For everything, I’m not even joking. When I work, I set a timer for 20-45 minutes doing one thing like talking with my team or emailing my clients. When it’s time to work on homework, I set timers and when the timers go off that’s when they break or move on to the next thing. I’ve got quite a big supplement intake, it’s impressive. BUT, I often forget to take them all! Solution? SET TIMERS! You can read more about how I incorporate time blocking into my daily life by clicking here.

Get a planner AND USE IT!
I received a Weekly Walk Through Planner last year and I love it. I’ve made a promise to use it… I write down EVERYTHING. What time do you wake up, do your morning routine, fix your breakfast, make phone calls, go do things with the kids, work on the computer, eat lunch, etc? Write it down! Doing this, allows you to see where you spend your time. It called me out on Facebook…. SO badly. So I’ve made a promise to myself to turn off my Facebook notifications and unplug from technology at 7pm every night. I’ve also found that I am LESS FORGETFUL when I write everything down in my planner and then add each alert into my phone.

Meal prep.
I’m not a huge prepper, but I feel like I accomplish it in my own way. When I cook our meals, I always make double of things so I can stick it in the fridge and grab things when I want to for lunch or snacks. This save me so much time during the week! Ahhhh I can’t even tell y’all, I put it off for so long and it helps shave off so much time fixing stuff during the week. When we get home from the grocery store, I always cut up fruits and veggies so I can just grab and fix during the week. Sundays are my favorite day to meal prep, you can read more about it by clicking here.

Take at least 15 minutes to yourself EVERY day.
For me, this is not the same time every day. Some days, our nanny comes and I run errands. Some days, Derrek Gets home and I leave and head to the gym. That’s when I have my alone time that is NOT WORK related. It doesn’t have to happen at the same time every day but you need to be intentional about it. Don’t get your phone out or check your emails on the computer, just BE alone in your thoughts and enjoy some “me” time. Most of time when I take my alone time break, as I like to call it, I drink a cup of tea or matcha latte and listen to worship music.

Create a weekly cleaning schedule.
This has helped me keep more organized in our home and not feel so frustrated at what I need to do to clean our house. We recently stopped using a cleaning lady so we can sit that money aside to build our new house so a daily cleaning checklist has saved my sanity. I suggest heading over to Pinerest and grabbing one based off of your needs.

Alright y’all, now that I’ve shared my simple tweaks in my daily life that I’ve been intentional about, I’d like to know yours. What are your favorite ways to help life feel more organized and less chaotic?