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Why Every Home Should Have A Humidifer

This post is in partner with AIRCARE. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Please read my disclaimer page for more information.

Low humidity can have adverse affects on our health. This is why we see more cold and sickness during the winter months. Using a humidifier can help get rid of health issues. There are three parts of the body that are susceptible to low humidity: throat, eyes and nasal. In my opinion, everyone should own a humidifier and here is why.

1. Less Risk of Infections – when the air is moist, it makes germs and bacteria more difficult to travel
2. Promotes Better Sleep – snoring is often caused by a dry throat and nosebleeds are often caused by dry air. Having a humidifier in the room can decrease both of these issues.
3. Sinus Relief – when your sinuses are dry, it causes them to not function properly. If your climate is not dry, it cannot have a negative impact on your nose.
4. Keeps Eyes Free From Irritation – dry air helps dust and pollen move freely. With humidity in the air, it prevents them from doing that.
5. Rehydrates Dry Skin – dry air can suck moisture out of your skin. Some even say that using a humidifier can help you prevent accelerated aging.
6. Heals Sickness Fast – When you have the right amount of moisture in your nasal passages it helps heal respiratory sickness and symptoms more quickly. It has been scientifically tested that the number of viruses and bacteria will decrease dramatically with use of a humidifier.
7. Prevents Hoarseness of Throat – When you have a hoarse throat, it is more than likely caused by low humidity. Without the humidity in the air, your throat doesn’t stay lubricated.
8. Develop House Plants – FUN FACT ya’ll! Having humidifiers helps plants grow because the humidor air will keep the plant fresh and healthy.
9. Lower Levels of Dust – High humidity helps trap dust, in turn keeping your house cleaner over time and have help get rid of allergies caused by dust mites.

We personally use a cool mist humidifier because it can be used year round, uses less electricity than warm mist, helps relieve cold, flu, and allergy symptoms, as well as dry skin. It is suggested to clean these every 3 days to prevent mold and bacteria from circulating in the air. I have tried several brands over the last few years and my big hang up is ease of cleaning. I FINALLY found a great brand that is easy to clean called AIRCARE. Not only are they high performing but they are really stylish and I don’t feel like they stick out like a sore thumb in our home decor. Use code: LITTLESOUTHERNSHIP for free shipping on your order from AIRCARE.