Chicken Salad Lovers Unite

Hey ya’ll! I know I normally post my recipes on a Friday but this one is my most requested and I am SO excited to share. I wanted to get this out ASAP so everyone could make for the entire week and not have to worry about lunches (can I get an amen?!?) I normally meal prep on Sundays – you can read more about that here. And shredded chicken in the instant pot is one of the things that I always do. If you don’t own an instant pot, MAN.. you are missing out! I was gifted one after I had Mercy and it’s been a huge staple in meal prepping and just cooking throughout the week. It’s so worth the money. I have the 8 quart and I’ve linked it for you here.

On Sundays I shred about 6-7 chicken breast after I’ve cooked them in the instant pot. To cook you need to put the chicken in the instant pot, cover with chicken broth then season (I use salt, pepper and oregano.) Seal the lid and turn the steam valve to closed. Cook on high pressure for 11 minutes and then shred with forks. Now that I have a huge heaping pile of chicken, what do we do with it? Well, we can make chicken salad, bbq chicken for sandwiches or quesadillas, eat over salads or put in wraps with veggies. SO many options ya’ll!

Easy and Healthy Chicken Salad

-plain greek yogurt
-shredded chicken
-grapes cut into fourths
-chopped pecans or almonds
-diced celery
-garlic powder

1. I like to eyeball the ingredients so I don’t have exact measurements for you but I mix equal parts grapes, pecans, celery then I add to my chicken and season.
2. Next mix in the greek yogurt (I do this a little bit at a time because if you add to much it will totally mess it up!)
3. THAT’S IT! So easy and you can store for the entire week.