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Five quick and healthy kid approved breakfasts

Morning time before school is hands down the craziest part of my day. I have five kids so there is five times the fun involved. There are lunchboxes to get ready, water bottles to fill up, clothes to get on, hair brushed, teeth brushed, shoes on, ohhh yea and BREAKFAST to make and eat.

Shew, I’m tired already! Ha!

But seriously, I am sure I am not the only one striving to make things easier in all areas of life. My house tends to thrive better on lose schedules and routines and I am hoping that by sharing more of a peak into our world that you are able to make life a little easier in your household as well.

As my kids get older, their food preferences change and I cannot stand making breakfast for everyone to hear someone refusing my hard work. Come on kid, gimme a break! To overcome this situation, I’ve had many conversations and I am sure I will have many more about what foods they like. I let them look on Pinterest for ideas, they love pulling out my cook books and we just have a little brainstorming meal planning session together. When I started doing this, we started wasting less food than ever (small wins, yay?)

I want nothing other than for other moms to feel set up for success so, I’m sharing my top five go to healthy and kid approved breakfasts that you can make any day of the week but especially on a hectic morning.

Let me know which breakfasts you try out of the ones that I shared, I would love to hear your thoughts! Also, share your favorite healthy and kid friendly options that you use in your own household.