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Enjoying Fall Fragrances With Essential Oils + Diffuser Blends
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Enjoying Fall Fragrances With Essential Oils + Diffuser Blends

I am so excited to share another switch to safer that I’ve made in my household and I hope will inspire you to make in yours. When I was pregnant with my first child, Nolan, I kept getting debilitating headaches. I knew nothing about essential oils but when I reached out to a few crunchy mamas, they told me to inhale Peppermint oil and it would help. Umm WOW! It was a game changer and one that I used a lot during my pregnancy with Frankincense oil for headaches. NOTHING worked for my headaches but these oils and I’m so thankful that I was introduced to them for this reason. A 9 month long headache is not something anyone should have to deal with.

It wasn’t until a few years later that I expanded my oils knowledge, I encourage you to connect with Leah Norwood on instagram because she is well knowledgeable about essential oils and will help you so you can find the best ones for you and your family. DO NOT just go to your local Walmart and get the Better Homes and Garden brand because it is full of junk. In my research, I found that you truly get what you pay for with oils and “cheap” oils mean less actual essential oil, more fillers with toxic ingredients and less of a chance of them being effective and safe for your household.

I stopped using candles in the house when I was pregnant for the first time as well. This was a change that I made due to my headaches because it would always trigger them. I just thought “well, once I’m not pregnant I can use them again.” But, I watched a Dr. Oz episode on TV one day about the dangers of indoor air pollution due to candles and it shook me to my core. I do not want this for any person and especially in the homes of people with children.

I get so many questions about how I use oils in the home and how to switch to safer away from candles so I figured I’d share my diffuser because that’s the simple answer. I diffuse essential oils all day and night. Depending on what my mood is or what time it is depends on what’s in the diffuser. In the mornings I try to put oils in the diffuser that pep me up and get the kids moving and grooving. Harper is NOT a morning person (she’s just like me in that aspect) so anything like this helps. Throughout the day I diffuse something that helps me focus or motivate me for work. When the kids get home I always diffuse THIEVES OIL so it keeps the school germs at bay. Then when it’s time to sleep, give us all the sleepy time oils. If you’re confused about where to start with oils just go to Pinterest and type in “diffuser blend for _” fill in the blank for what you’re wanting them to help with.

I’ve had a lot of essential oil diffusers and I can say that it’s been a journey to find the “best” one. My all time favorite diffuser is from Young Living. It’s the ARIA and wow, it’s spectacular. I have one that is in my bedroom and I picked that space to keep it in because it’s one of the largest rooms in the house. I have diffusers in each of the rooms of our house, I love this option for smaller rooms. Each diffuser is turned on every day to diffuse essential oils into the air.

I keep on my essential oils and blends in my bedroom on a shelf. I love the idea of having them out because that makes me feel like I get more use out of them. I used to store them in a zipper bag that I kept in a drawer. You an imagine how that went. I never used them. I found these marble storage containers and LOVE THEM so much! I’ve had them for years. A month or so ago, my friend Marcia told me about this nail polish acrylic stand she found while out shopping. I immediately hopped on AMAZON and found this one. It holds SO many oils. I love how it’s clear and I can see everything easily. Next thing I am investing in are these little sticker labels for the tops of the oils so I can grab and go.

I hope y’all try to use essential oils in your household, I know that you will love it! Check out the fall diffuser favs from Leah and I below. Please connect with Leah via instagram @leahhnorwood to find out her amazing customer specials for this month and how to get the best bang for your buck! I would love to hear more about what oils you diffuse. I want to share with you some of my favorite blends so I put them in these easy sharable graphics! Enjoy!