Why I Use Non-Hormonal Birth Control

There are many reasons why I choose not to use a hormonal birth control. I do not think that it’s normal for us to not have regular periods. God designed our bodies to naturally have monthly cycles and some hormonal birth controls stop you from having a period all together. The concoction of chemicals makes me weary on how much it affects your body while you’re taking them and when you decide to stop and try to conceive naturally.

In the US, the numbers of infertility amongst women are growing by the day. These are caused by many factors and one of them can be side effects from hormonal birth controls.

For these reasons, I decided to look deep into the world of non hormonal birth controls. I am married and I have 5 children. While we do want another baby, we want to control when that happens. After searching many different options, I feel like I have found “the one.” Non-hormonal birth control doesn’t contain any synthetic hormones, which means that your natural hormone system is not being compromised when you use this method of contraception. No hormones also means no side effects so you can forget about the headaches, nausea, weight gain, and all of the other side effects that typically come along with hormonal birth control methods.

I’ve used the same brand for the last almost 2 years and so far so good! I use Natural Family Planning to track my cycle and I know when I ovulate. No matter what time of month it is, I can use the Smart Women’s Choice non hormonal birth control cream and feel safe knowing it works.

Many women are choosing to switch to hormone free birth control because it is a safe and effective alternative to hormonal birth control. Smart Women’s Choice has had many of the same customers since they started their business 7 years ago, and more women are making the switch every single day.

The Smart Women’s Choice website shares the following:

“There are tens of thousands of lawsuits pending, brought by parents who have lost a daughter or by women who have been irreparably injured by the use of hormonal contraceptives. There is an increased risk of birth defects when you stop taking the pill in order to become pregnant. Often, couples appear to be sterile for a year or more after using the pill – another measure of how severely the woman’s health has been compromised. Many couples do not realize this; take medication to hasten getting pregnant and get injured again by that medication. There are absolutely NO SUCH RISKS associated with the use of Smart Women’s Choice.  When you decide that it is time to start a family, all you do is stop using SWC. You will become pregnant as soon as your natural state of fertility allows.”

It is super easy to use before intercourse and doesn’t require your partner to pull out before completion. I love that it allows you to enjoy sex without the hassle of a condom or diaphragm and that it really does work. I cannot tell you how many moms I talk to about this that don’t even know something like this exists! The Smart Women’s Choice cream has been a game changer for our family and I know that you will love it too. Head to their website to read more and to purchase. I wish I had a discount code to offer you guys but unfortunately, I do not! I just honestly, really love this product and want more people to know about this brand.