It was not until my adult life I learned how to work out. I always let working out intimidate me in previous years and it kept me from moving forward to better my health. I refuse to let anything hold me back from doing what’s best for my body, INCLUDING myself!

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After I had my first child, I really decided to  advance in my health and more specifically in fitness. We lived in a very small country town and all of my workouts were at home with a baby around. I had to use my imagination and the help of Pinterest to make curated workouts that I could do at home. I also tried to go for a walk every day and enjoy the fresh air.

I also swear by regular yoga sessions because they really make a positive impact in your body and your overall health.

Recently, I shared about an upper body workout you can do at home. I really enjoyed created it for ya’ll and I had so many positive messages about how helpful it was that I decided to make one for your lower body.

Try Rotating these exercises into your weekly routine and watch as your lower body becomes stronger. You can do all of these at home without any additional equipment.

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