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What does drinking from a copper vessel do for your health?

Did you know that drinking from a copper vessel has health benefits? I didn’t until I saw it on my friend, Laura’s instagram stories (follow her instagram account here -> @livingearthyoga ) I’ve seen people wearing copper for its health benefits but never drinking water from copper vessels.

Come to find out, there are SO MANY health benefits! I ordered my own copper vessel and these cute little cups that match, a few months ago and I’ve drank water from it every day since. I fill it up from our filter and store in the fridge.

The Ayurvedic practice of drinking water that has sat in a copper vessel overnight and starting your day doing it will make a positive impact on your health. I have shared the many health benefits of drinking water here in a previous post but using copper specifically in this aids in improving your immune system in a deeper way.

Here are just a few health benefits:

  1. Stimulates the brain
  2. Can help clear skin issues
  3. Soothe joints
  4. Can aid in digestion
  5. Helps balance the thyroid
  6. Supports a healthy heart
  7. Strengthens hair
  8. Supports the liver and the spleen

Did you know that copper is a conductor? Throughout history, copper has been used as a medium in our power and communications. Think about that but in your body. As a conductor, this can help amplify your thoughts, ground specific frequentcies and open the root and sacral chakras.

Copper is a trace mineral and helps act as an antioxidant which will help reduce free radical damage in the body. Want to know more about free radicals? Read this book. I also love how copper helps assist the body in absorbing of iron into the body.

After using my copper vessel for a few weeks, I have noticed that even with filtering my water through my water filter, there are changes being made to the color of the copper itself. My city adds chemicals into drinking water and those chemicals have a reaction to the copper because copper is antibacterial and antiviral. This is helpful for our bodies and the water we consume that has been stored in copper.

I’ve read that drinking water from a copper vessel is most beneficial after being stored in overnight and to drink a cup first thing in the morning as well as all day. I refill mine when it gets low and enjoy the health benefits day and night.

If you notice your copper turning, you need to take the time to clean it and it’s a lot easier than I thought it would be to do that. Take a lemon juice and salt and rub in circular motions on your copper to remove the tarnished parts.

Are you going to try drinking from copper, share what you’re most excited to benefit from!