Water, water, water…

When you decide to make a change and drink water, it can be confusing. Do you drink straight from the tap, warm or hot, or from a plastic bottle? There are so many different parts to learn when you focus on your water intake, it can take a few years to get into a groove. Before I transitioned to a non toxic lifestyle, I didn’t drink a lot of water. I was a sweet tea type of lady. Living in the South has always offered many unhealthy food and drink choices and I had to set health goals. I quit drinking sweet tea and started drinking only water but it was straight from my kitchen sink. It’s not good to drink tap water, but why?

While our water is an infinite upgrade from untreated sewage, it’s certainly not perfect, and not just in national-news-making situations like the tragedy in Flint, Michigan. In fact, it can be dangerous; a new study from the Environmental Working Group (EWG) found alarming levels of chromium-6 (the carcinogenic “Erin Brockovich” chemical) in drinking water that nearly 200 million Americans drink, from all 50 states. Chromium-6 is far from the only water pollutant. Our water can contain varying levels of other contaminants such as arsenic, lead, and mercury. A recent issue with the water in Mt. Pleasant, SC has caused many of us in the Palmetto state to re-evaluate using tap water and for good reason.

An epidemic of a very rare brain cancer has been identified in Mt. Pleasant, SC. While DHEC scrambles to determine if the water is tainted, families are paralyzed with fear that another life of one of their young boys will be claimed in the meantime. This is real people–and far too close to home! The issue in Mt. Pleasant is another reason that I was compelled to shed light on the water situation that we are faced with today. It is very confusing when you try and figure out what water to drink and I want to share what I’ve learned and what works for us so y’all don’t have to figure out everything for yourselves like I did.

The first change that I made was buying bottled water. What I didn’t realize is that it’s just a big scam. It’s not good for you, either. Bottled water companies increasingly use BPA-free plastic, but laced into plastic bottles are other chemicals that can seep out if bottles are exposed to heat or sit around for a long time. Some of these chemicals are possible endocrine disruptors. So, I quit buying them and purchased a filter for my sink in my kitchen. Brita filters are one of the most popular brands of consumer water filters. These filters can be used on water sources in the home or included in a special Brita filter pitcher designed to filter your water while keeping it cold. These products hold no health benefits, but they may help reduce the risk of future health problems stemming from free-radical damage due to pollutants in the water.

Filtered water is purified water that has been sent through a special carbonated filter. These filters can be attached to sink taps or put into a filter pitcher specially designed to filter water as you pour it in. These filters are used to take away chlorine, lead, copper and other impurities in your water. These filters also filter out pesticides and insecticides that may have contaminated your household water. We recently purchased several of these for our home for $19.95 per piece from Crystal Quest. We actually have their filters for our bathtub and showers as well. You can read more about why those are important, here.

But what about when you are on the go? What do you use then? For me, I always have to keep water with me. One of my children or myself are always thirsty and I would rather give up my left arm than go into a store with all three kids just to buy a bottled water that is filled with the chemicals I am trying to avoid anyway. I’ve gotten into a habit of filling up a Healthy Human stainless steel stein before I leave home and keeping it in my car. These stay cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours, so they are also great for smoothies, juices and soups. I LOVE the ones that I have and I can’t wait to add more to my collection.

If you’re not ready to invest in a Stainless steel cup or stein then I suggest heading to your local Target and purchasing Boxed Water. Water is essential for good health. The process of bottling water isn’t. Packaging water in plastic bottles produces carbon emissions and greenhouse gasses, and clogs landfills. So, not only are you doing better for your body but the environment as well. By using paper, a renewable resource, Boxed Water is more sustainable and better for the planet. Roughly three-quarters of each of their boxes is made of paper, fully recyclable and free of BPAs and phthalates. Their paper comes from well-managed forests which are continually being replanted to replace harvested trees, helping offset our carbon footprint and allowing us all to breathe easier. Packaged water should be healthy and pure. The Boxed Water 8-step water purification process ensures that their water is delivered completely free of impurities and minerals. Did you know many leading bottled water brands contain more than 20 dissolved solids? Not only is Boxed Water pure, but the pH is very close to neutral, which I feel offers the best hydration for your body.

The last product that I have come to love when I am on the go (think, when you go out to eat a restaurant or are away from home and don’t have a water with you) is the GoPure Pod. THIS my friends, is game changing in the water world. The GoPure Pod is a revolutionary water purification device. Continually purify and enhance your water wherever you go. Just drop the GoPure Pod into any bottle, glass, pitcher or coffee maker to ensures clean, healthy, great tasting water. Their innovative new water purification technology is designed to assist pH and mineral balance and adsorb occasional impurities and particulatesOne GoPure pod will keep working for up to six months and can treat up to 264 gallons of water over this time. Decrease plastic waste by replacing 2,000 one-liter bottles per one pod! Ummmm, yes please!

So, now that you have several options for cleaning up your water, the only question you should be asking yourself is what you want to invest in first. I would love to chat with you more and answer any questions that you might have. I am just an email away! AND if you have enjoyed this blog, please leave me a little comment. It’s very encouraging to receive feedback on the topics that I cover. After all, this blog is designed to be beneficial for YOU!


  • Erin

    Love your blog post and even more so love your Instagram stories! Such interesting topics my favorites- all health and beauty products!

  • Rachel Hanna

    Love this! Ive always been so confused on which bottle of water to use and now i know what i should buy very helpful blog! Keep up the great work!

    • Amanda Scott

      thank you SO much Rachel. I am glad that you enjoyed it! I hope you’re enjoying your Boxed Waters 🙂