TEN Third Trimester Must Haves From A 6th Time Mom

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If you’re reading this and just entering into the 3rd trimester, CONGRATS! You’re almost at the finish line to meet your little one. If not and you’re just wanting to gather information for when the time comes, let me tell ya. The third trimester can be absolutely amazing or it can be really stressful. I try really hard to prep all the things in my 2nd trimester so that I can just be an enjoy my last few weeks of being pregnant.

No matter how you look at it, being prepared can make all the difference in a good experience and a bad one and I want my pregnancy to be all the good things.

You can read about my first trimester essentials here and for my second trimester I did a round up of my favorite clothing + cravings here. For my third trimester round up, I wanted to keep it SUPER simple because to be honest you don’t really need an abundance of things. Clutter tends to make my anxiety sky rocket so I am a minimalist. As this is my sixth pregnancy and baby, I feel like I’ve gotten a good handle on the clutter and junk that can accumulate and I’ve narrowed my list down to TEN essentials.

I hope you find this list super helpful, please feel free to share it with someone who could benefit from seeing it AND add in anything that you’ve found useful in your third trimester in the comments so others can see!

  • Pregnancy pillow – I need all the pillows but especially when I am this pregnant. I found a simple one off of Amazon that works really well.
  • Magnesium – This is a game changer for leg cramps and just general anxiety or any negative feelings I have. I just add a scoop into a cup of water and drink it down. It tastes really good so it’s not hard to drink.
  • Baby balm for belly – Everyone always asks me what I use for my growing belly and the answer is this balm. I feel like keeping your skin hydrated as it’s growing can help with stretch marks although they are more of a genetic factor.
  • Red raspberry leaf tea – Red raspberry leaf tea has been used to strengthen the uterus, improve labor outcome and prevent excessive bleeding after childbirth. I start drinking this after 36 weeks with every pregnancy I’ve had. You can read more about the benefits by clicking here.
  • Belly Supportwear – at this point, I don’t wear underwear. I’m sorry if that’s TMI but it’s just to restrictive even as maternity undies go. I love wearing these under my clothes as my “underwear” because it also helps alleviate the pressure of my growing belly. I suggest grabbing a black and a white pair to wear throughout and postpartum.
  • Kindred Bravely nursing bras – The boob growth is real at this point, am I right? I am all about comfort and although I love a good sports bra I am looking forward to my fourth trimester and using as many products now that I can also use later. This has been my favorite line of bras for comfort and nursing during my last 3 pregnancies.
  • Christian hypno birthing – I swear by using this app for a good mental headspace. I listen to the affirmations and meditations daily and I plan on listening during the birthing process itself. It’s an investment I strongly urge any mama to be to make.
  • Exercise Ball – Moving around on a ball can help your baby get into prime position for birth. I use this in my last weeks to help with any discomfort I’m feeling from the baby moving down, helping prep my body for labor AND during the laboring process itself with a few different birth positions.
  • Water bottle – Being a camel means you are thirsty at any given time. Keeping a water bottle on you will drastically change your life and allow you to not have to run into every convenience store to grab plastic water bottles. I fill mine up before I leave home and drink it throughout the day also refilling.
  • Honey Pot Co panty liners – mucus discharge is real! It’s just your body prepping for labor and if you’re not wanting to change your undies a million times or hang out with a snail trail I suggest these holistic planty liners.