Second Trimester Style + Cravings

This post is in partner with Bumpsuit. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Please read my disclaimer page for more information.

It’s so hard to believe that I am almost at the end of this pregnancy. Honestly, it’s flown by so quickly that I am soaking in every moment.

Now that my morning sickness has subsided, I am quite honestly, ENJOYING my pregnancy, the changes in my body and cravings. You can read all about my battle with morning sickness here (aka all day sickness) and what I used in the non-toxic and holistic worlds to work through it.

In terms of cravings, they have been all over the place during my pregnancy and it’s very interesting seeing how different my taste buds are. I am loving all things spicy, which I honestly love anyway but especially jalapeños. I am ALWAYS looking for a way to kick up the heat with every meal so even adding hot sauce to my everyday foods has been absolutely delicious! Salty is also another craving that I have and I am loving LIME chips and vinegar + Himalayan salt on tomatoes and cucumbers. I don’t really eat that many sweets but I love a good chocolate, almond milk chocolate pudding has been a good sweet treat for me and baby.

While my body changes to grow this sweet babe, I’ve really focused on being comfortable and only buying staple pieces so I could style them differently as I feel. My style is all over the place but one thing that I have really enjoyed are my shape wear basics from Bumpsuit. I learned about this brand at the beginning of my pregnancy and REALLY wish that I had known more about it before my sixth baby. The pieces are BUTTERY soft and uber flattering to any size body. It’s really hard for me to pick a favorite with these so I rounded up all of my favorites to make it easier for you. As the weather turns warmer I wear them alone but during the winter I’ve layered with cardigans, jackets and even tied flannel shirts around my waist (Under the bump) to switch up the style.

If you’ve never owned Bumpsuit pieces, you’ve got to check out their website to see the full variety and styles they carry. I love that these also work post partum as well so you can maximize your wear. They are support wear so it’s really helpful to have when you’re healing your body after birth. You can use code: littlesouthernwife for 15% off of your purchase when you check out on the Bumpsuit website. I cannot wait to see what pieces you grab and how you style them yourself.