Why You Should Add Trace Minerals Into Your Filtered Water

One of the biggest swaps you can make in your non-toxic journey is making sure you drink and bathe in clean filtered water.

My family and I drink A LOT of water. So much water that plastic bottles aren’t our thing (they’re wasteful, not the best quality, and not environmentally friendly) and tap water isn’t an option (go to the EWG tap water database to test what’s in your water – it’s a HUGE eye opener). It’s made me become somewhat of a water snob and for that reason, I’ve tried several water filters so I can share my honest review on them all. My absolute favorite water filtration system is linked here.

“Drinking water for more than 170 million Americans contains radioactive elements at levels that may increase the risk of cancer, according to an EWG analysis of 2010 to 2015 test results from public water systems nationwide.  Radiation in tap water is a serious health threat, especially during pregnancy. But the Environmental Protection Agency’s legal limits for several types of radioactive elements in tap water are badly outdated…. But federal drinking water standards are based on the cost and feasibility of removing contaminants, not scientific determinations of what is necessary to fully protect human health. And like many EPA tap water standards, the radium limits are based on decades-old research rather than the latest science.”

For this reason, I set out to find a solution for my family and one that I could share with everyone around me. This is something that we all need to be aware of and protect ourselves from. Drinking straight from the tap should never be an option when there are so many contaminates lurking. Staying hydrated is SUPER important though, did you know that our bodies are made of 60% water? So what type of water we use in our homes is important.

You should not only filter your water but make sure that you’re adding minerals back into it once it’s filtered. Water that comes from the sky doesn’t actually contain the minerals that are so beneficial, it actually comes from the soil. Unfortunately over time, the quality of our soil and the minerals that are in it has dramatically reduced and when we filter our water we are reducing that small amount even smaller.

Honestly, I can say that I never thought about this until a few short years ago. I just thought that filtered clean water was most important but now I know that adding minerals back into our drinking water helps our cells hydrate. Fortunately, adding minerals back into our drink water can be a lot easier than it seems.

There are many types of minerals that our bodies benefit from when we add it to our water. From calcium for bone health, magnesium for regulating the nervous system, to iodine for thyroid health, minerals each have their place for our health.

I really like to use a liquid concentrate of trace minerals. I add this brand into my water filtration system after the water has been filtered. If you add too many drops (honestly, I suggest trial and error for your personal taste) it has a spicy taste. I add a handful of drops because my kids won’t drink it if it’s “too spicy” and then if I want more for myself I just add a few more to my cup of water before drinking it.