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Swanky Shank Easter Swag

Can y’all believe that Easter is almost here? We have been enjoying the warmer weather and flowers so much that the pollen hasn’t even fazed us. The kids and I often head outside in the afternoons to get some fresh air, enjoy the beautiful colors of Spring and not go stir crazy from being in the house all day! It’s really important to remember as a parent that kids need a break from being confined and when they start getting wild it’s best for everyone’s sanity to head outside! (I received these shirts from Swanky Shank, in exchange for an honest review.)

Since Easter is this weekend, we have been wearing all of our favorite holiday clothing to get us in the spirit. The cutest holiday shirts that I have found are from Swanky Shank, a handmade store on etsy. We are obsessed with their one of a kind designs and the amount of detail that they put into each piece. Finding a store that uses fabrics and hand dyed materials isn’t as easy as you think it would be so we are loyal Swanky Shank customers! These Easter egg baseball shirts are to die for! When we got them in the mail, the kids were so excited to wear them that I couldn’t say no! They have become a favorite in daily wear and once Easter passes we are ordering new ones so the kids can continue to rock their handmade duds. You really cannot go wrong with any of the shirts from Swanky Shank and you can see how we have styled previous ones in the past on my blog by clicking Here!