Post partum Mom Outfit

Today, I’m going to tell you how glamorous postpartum is. JUST KIDDING! At the end of my pregnancy, I wore dresses every single day – not because I wanted to look put together but because the thought of wearing pants or shorts of any kind drove me crazy with discomfort, especially with temps close to 100 degrees each day. Now that the baby is here and I am back at home, I’ve gotten a lot of questions about what I am wearing. I am breastfeeding so what tops I wear really require ease of access.

I recently made a trip to the GAP Factory outlet store while we were in Charleston and hit the jackpot during one of their sales. They had most of their store 70% off which resulted in me stocking up on tanks and shirts of neutral colors to wear during the next month or two while my milk levels out. The thought of wearing a bra is comical at this point, so I also stockpiled sports bras while I was in there. Along with a basic tee and sports bra, I am loving my maternity leggings. I’ve found that these double as postpartum wear because they help give your tummy and low back the support it needs to heal after stretching out so much during pregnancy. Also, not having to shave my legs every single day is a plus, haha! Even though I am living in this mom uniform, I’ve been enjoying wearing my robe from Chezblanc Shop over everything.

I was approached by the owner of Chezblanc a few months ago about styling one of these beautiful robes and I couldn’t stop browsing the collection after we talked. Each piece is more stunning than the next! The arms are trimmed in lace and the fabric is so soft that I’ve dozed off in it a few times during wear. I love how beautiful the robe makes me feel in a time where lack of sleep and my postpartum body does not add anything extra to my self-confidence. Being able to feel beautiful is really important postpartum so making sure to keep up with what helps should be a top priority to mom! Taking care of your family only works if you take care of yourself as well. I love how simple just adding a colorful robe to my mom outfit handles all of this for me!