Lé Bump Casual

shirt | leggings | shoes

During the week, you can find me wearing casual and simple clothing. This mama loves a good shirt, leggings and sneaker combo, especially when we head out to the ball field to watch Nolan play tee ball. I rarely have on make up and when I do it’s my go-to Beautycounter products and this is day 5 hair with a little dry shampoo in my roots. Some of the mom’s at the ball field asked me where I got this cute outfit from so I decided to share the details on my blog as well!

I think its really important to wear clothing that doesn’t make you look and feel uncomfortable, especially when you’re pregnant. I don’t want any mom’s to think I am dressed up all of the time because that is certainly not the case. Even when I choose to dress down, I still pick pieces that work together and always go for neutrals if you want to look put together. I wear these merlot Skecher’s multiple times a week at this point! The memory foam soles have talked my little feet into falling in love with them. Another fact is that I always end up wearing them and when I do, I find myself getting tons of compliments on them. My go-to pants are these smooth as buttha maternity leggings from Preggo leggings. I really wish that I had about 7 pair so I could just wear a new pair every single day! I love them and they are so easy to throw on and just breathe! I find myself needing to feel free, especially after wearing maternity jeans or a body con dress, and these leggings are my ticket to heaven. Grey has become my staple color and styling this Lé Bump maternity tee from Anna Bee’s with my leggings and sneakers was a no brainer. I love how this look just WORKS together without having to try hard! I hope that you enjoy each of these pieces as much as I do! They would be great staples to add to your wardrobe.