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Hot with a chance of Fall!

|| KortniJeane swimwear – Sweetheart Top High Waisted Bottoms||
|| Sunnies – Lila Rose Boutique ||
|| KortniJeane swimwear – TOPBOTTOMS || Replay Recycled – non-spill cup ||

During fall in South Carolina, we experience a range of seasons…sometimes all within a week of each other. One day it’s cool and breezy and you can almost smell the pumpkin spice in the air. The next, it’s hotter than a day in the Sahara. While the fickle nature of our seasons can sometimes be frustrating, I especially love where we live because we do have longer summer weather. The kids have been asking to play at the pool, so we took advantage of the hot weather and let them have their fun in the sun. Anytime we get the chance to go outside is a chance for us to recharge our batteries. I try and make sure that we walk around with our bare feet touching the ground; it’s called Earthing. It helps us all have better attitudes, and we soak in the sun and nature around us, stocking up on that good energy, to hold us over until the next time we can go outside and connect with nature. As a general rule at our house, we get quite restless when we do not go outside.

Harper and I got these bathing suits from KortniJeane, and they seemed so perfect for our play day. I take full advantage of matching with my girl any chance I can, and these mix and match swim tops and bottoms are one of our favorites right now! They are so flattering and offer the perfect amount of coverage. I really love how many different tops and bottoms there are to mix and match. They are the perfect bathing suit for a mom, and I have found that these suits cover all the right areas. I never knew just how important that was until my body had been through two pregnancies!

Wherever this blog finds you, get outside and soak up the last few fading days of summer!