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Strolling Into A New Year With Nuna

This post is in partner with Nuna. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Please read my disclaimer page for more information.

The weather in South Carolina is so up and down that we never know if it’s going to be freezing cold or warm and breezey. I am 100% ok with it being warmer than normal in the winter months because I love being outside. With five littles, it really doesn’t help any of us to be cooped up inside for very long. On the weekends, I try to find something fun around town for us to go do with all the kiddos and if I can’t find something we just head to a local park. Regardless of where we end up, we always travel with a stroller because at any given time, a child will want to take a rest.

When I had my first child, I was gifted a stroller system from friends and family at my baby shower. I am forever thankful for that gift because it got us through the first 6 months of Nolan’s life. Unfortunately we outgrew it very quickly and it wasn’t the easiest to navigate around (the wheels wouldn’t turn sharp corners and it was really hard to fold and close.) As we added more children into the mix, I tried a handful of other strollers and never really loved them. It wasn’t until I was pregnant with Scarlet Reese that I found “the one.”

“The one” just so happens to be the Nuna IVVI stroller system that I blogged about several years ago. I’ll link it for you here. Since then, Nuna has updated their strollers and after three good solid years of us, we traded the IVVI for the TRIV and couldn’t be more happy with the upgrade. The TRIV ia a compact stroller with a seat that you can face both ways and fold both ways. You can also remove the seat and add an attachment so an infant carseat can be used instead (perfect for us with our fifth baby.)

This stroller is PERFECT for so many reasons but I love how lightweight and easily foldable it is so that I can whip it out quickly from the back of my car. I don’t need a man to do the heavy lifting because there isn’t any and I can use this whenever and wherever I need too. If you are on the hunt for the perfect stroller, I strongly urge you to invest in this compact stroller. It is such nice quality it will last you for several years and you will be SO happy with how easily it works. For reference, we also use the NUNA Pipa carseat because it is SO lightweight and not made with flame retardants.