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Nuna IVVI + Carry Cot

Nuna IVVI | Carry Cot

 Over the last few months, I noticed that Nolan would spend less and less time in the stroller when we would go out somewhere. As sad as I am to see my first born growing up, I was ready for a break when it came to pushing both of them around in our double stroller. I set out to find a single stroller with an attachment for a newborn because we still want more babies, y’all, and I came across the Nuna IVVI with the Carry Cot attachment. The first thing that caught my eye was how sleek everything looked, and that’s really important to me because if I’m pushing it, I want it to not look like a brightly colored death trap.

I went with the all black caviar so it would also be gender neutral. Sometimes Harper likes to face me when she just wants mama, when she sits like this I chat with her about our surroundings. Usually, after a bit, she’ll fall asleep, so I’ll recline the seat back, and she will sleep peacefully when we’re out and about. Other times, when she is really active, I’ll face her outward in her stroller. She loves pointing out things that she sees like “leaves” or “dog!” Nolan always talks to her when we’re walking, and he even pushes the stroller sometimes when he concentrates on what he’s doing!

The best thing about the IVVI is the simplistic luxury of the entire system. When the box came and I laid out the pieces, I thought to myself “oh great this is going to take forever!” A few clicks and snaps, and I had it together in less than 15 minutes. When converting it to forward or rear facing, it is so easy that it really takes me less than a minute, and when I load it into the car, I just unlatch the seat and fold the handrail down to the wheels. It fits neatly in the back of my car, and I haven’t had to break a sweat maneuvering it in and out!

I am so glad that I  made sure we got the Carry Cot attachment. I’m planning ahead for baby number three (we aren’t pregnant just yet, but hopefully getting there), and this was something I really wanted. It’s such a cozy little bassinet perfect for a sweet little newborn. I love how you can zip it up to keep it nice and warm or unzip it for a summer day. Now is the perfect time to get the IVVI because you’ll get a FREE Carry Cot with your purchase! This offer is valid during Nuna‘s Black Friday sale that is running Wednesday 25th through Monday 30th! Any of my mama friends that are expecting or any women planning on having a baby, this deal should really speak to you! The key to baby prep is actually prepping, and when you already know you want this stroller, getting the Carry Cot for free is a no-brainer. Head over to Nuna and pick out which color fits your personality! What’s so great is that your new IVVI and Carry Cot will last your babies well into their toddler years.

Special thanks to Nuna for partnering on this post!