Refocusing my Mission

Reflecting on my blogging journey that started two years ago, I realized that I’ve somewhat stepped away from the reason I started. I want to refocus on my mission and share more information with y’all like I did in the beginning. I started a blog because I wanted to have an acessable platform for my friends and family to look at that answered all of the questions that I am asked on a daily basis. I transitioned to a non toxic lifestyle and the change was so drastic that I was flooded with comments and questions by my peers. “What made me change?” “How did you start?” “How did you loose so much weight?” “But you always lived like that, why now?”

I changed because I was unhappy and decided to take control of my life. Anyone else feel like that? Anyone else feel like they are drowning in their own bodies? The choices I was making for my body were out of laziness. Majorly depressed, eating junk, overweight, binge drinking and smoking. I was trying to fill a void… with what?!? None of those things were making me happy just numbing the truth I was desperate to cover up.

I know the answer to how to be happy and that’s to throw all the junk that you’ve been taught was normal in the trash. All of the ideas of what life is about (especially in the South) have to go! Remove all things toxic (products, food and people) and feel the weight leaving your shoulders. I’m going to open up more about my previous life and challenges I’ve learned the hard way. Once a week, I will dedicate an entire blog post to HEALTH. I am getting my blog back on track so that everyone that started following my journey can help find themselves like I did! If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments or if you’d like to remain anonymous, send me an email.


  • Lindsay

    So excited, definitely need help finding myself. Tired of having severe allergies & food allergies due to over prescribed antibiotics.

    • Amanda Scott

      I bet that is really frustrating. I am so sorry that you have to go through that. I would love to help you move forward away from those issues.