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Real men wear babies.

I admire the type of dad who understands how important being a FATHER is. The dads who take on their roles without holding back. The dads who spend their extra time with their kids, change countless diapers without complaint, engage in endless tickle fights, and walk around the house at night until the baby is asleep.

My husband is my superhero.  I have never seen a man take on as much time with his kids as Derrek. When I had Nolan, I didn’t change his diapers until two days after he was born when we got home from the hospital because Derrek had that area covered.  He never asks me what to do with the kids, he just always knows what to do. He lets me sleep late in the mornings and gets up early when the kids get up because of how late I am up working on jewelry. With all of that being said, when he wears our babies, it gives me butterflies every time. I think a man wearing a baby is sexier than anything he could ever do.

When I had Nolan, someone gave me a Baby Bjorn carrier to wear him in. I Googled how to put on the carrier, and the articles about how bad that type carrier is were overwhelming. When picking out a carrier that is healthy for you to wear your baby in, I advise to stay away from the ‘crotch danglers’ (like the Baby Bjorn). Those type of carriers do not offer the proper support and comfort you and your baby need.

The natural way for babies to be held is facing you with their heads at heart level and their hips supported, so a carrier that covers those bases is best. Their spines and hips are still forming, and facing them outward is awkward and unhealthy as it can cause problems for babies like hip dysplasia.

Baby wearing is our go to to get things accomplished. How do women in tribes in Africa get the work they need done? They wear their babies. Those times when your baby wants to be held but you really need to cook, get ready, take care of your other kids, run errands, etc…those are the perfect times to put on your baby carrier and go on about your day. Baby wearing is also helpful when you have a teething or a fussy baby…within minutes of being worn my kids have always fallen asleep.

I suggest three different types of carriers: the Solly Baby wrap for newborn to 15 pounds (that’s when my back started hurting and I had to change carriers), the Ergo for 15 pounds and up for front, side or back carry, and also a Sakura Bloom ring sling. I like wearing my sling when I don’t want the bulkiness of the ergo. For all you mamas and daddies, take the time to research a baby carrier and make it a part of your daily life with your littles. After wearing them, you will begin to notice how happy they are cruising along with you and how easier it is to get things accomplished with two hands again.

Photographer: Tamara Cullum