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Q and A for the growing belly

Y’all, this pregnancy is just trucking along. I cannot believe that I am 23 weeks with my fifth child. It makes me so happy and emotional that we will be bringing another sweet little Scott baby into our family in October. This is my last pregnancy so I am soaking in all the things and trying to make time slow down because I know I will miss it once it passes.

I get a ton of questions about pregnancy and I am really happy to share more about my experiences with y’all! When you’re pregnant people just tend to go dark real quick with how horrible it is or the thought of birth makes them cringe. It shouldn’t be like that. This is a beautiful thing and we should be happy! I know it can be difficult to grow a little human and hard to appreciate when you’re spending all day every day with your head in the toilet but I promise it doesn’t have to be all horrible. I always love answering your questions so if I haven’t answered any just let me know in the comments and I’ll add my answers there.

Q: Where do you shop for your cute maternity clothes? I cannot find any!
A: I have a few favorite maternity shops that include Ingrid and Isabel, Pink Blush Boutique and I do love Old Navy as well. I have found other random places like Amazon and then my favorite go to Vici Dolls which is non maternity but I find dresses and tops that will work just as easy when pregnant.

Q: Do you have morning sickness with your pregnancies?
I honestly haven’t had it that bad. I’ve gotten a bit queasy but nothing I haven’t been able to solve with Ginger oil applied to the bottoms of my big toes, ginger candies, Zevia ginger ale and eating small portions throughout the day.

Q: What are your name choices?
I try not to get to set on a name until the end of pregnancy but we love names like Vivianne, Lincoln, Anderson, Lennon, Atticus, and Evangeline.

Q: Have you ever had an issue with your babies not latching or having trouble breastfeeding?
I think that everyone is very different and my experience with each of my children has been different. I strongly urge you to research breastfeeding before you have a baby and make yourself feel more comfortable. Ask all the questions and even go see a lactation consultant if you need one. Whatever your questions are, ask them! It’s important. If you’re having trouble latching then you really do need to talk to a lactation consultant ASAP!

Q: Are you still breastfeeding Mercy?
Yes I am. I’ve nursed all of my babies for about 2 years and I plan to do the same with her. Unless she self weans, that’s 100% up to her. She’s eating a ton of food right now so she isn’t nursing as much.

Q: Was number 5 a surprise or planned?
We always knew that we wanted another baby. We love having multiple kids and wouldn’t trade it for the world. But to answer your other question, we never plan when we were having the kids. We’ve just let it occur naturally. It’s not something that we’ve mapped out on a calendar, as you can see a lot of our birthdays are in July, HAHAHA! 🙂

Q: With all of your kids around, how do you find time to work out and get back in shape after pregnancies?
A: I make time. I feel like my mental health is so worth it to make the time. I currently go to a gym with childcare and they all love going to play with other kids. When I don’t have childcare available, Derrek and I switch. He goes to the gym and then comes home and I go. We make it work. It is very important to us to have that time for ourselves.

I would love to answer more questions! Send them my way and I’ll answer as quickly as possible.