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Lemonade Stand Anyone?

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My children are loving the idea of staying as busy as possible for Summer break. I mean, every day they have a new game plan for what we are going to do or plan for the upcoming weekend. One of the things they have wanted to do for quite sometime is have a lemonade stand in our front yard. We’ve been so busy that it never worked out for us to do that until last weekend and ya’ll, it was a blast!

I actually gave them a few simple tips and then let them take the reigns on their idea. Nolan knew he had to make flyers so I designed a little sketch and he did his own doodles to create a really cool flyer. We made several copies with our printer and dropped them into our neighbors mailboxes on our daily walks. We also sent them to our friends and family that don’t live in our neighborhood too. This seriously made Nolan and Harper so excited they were tickled! I never thought that they would want to give people mail and now that I know, they can totally help me in the future write out “Thank You” cards, haha!

We made our lemonade together and it was super simple and easy! We used two different ingredients to sweeten it and you can make your own lemonade with either one. I think that both are great options but I know that sometimes honey isn’t ideal (if you have an allergy or are using for babies under 2) so that’s where the coconut sugar comes in clutch! Either way, it’s delicious and a great way to enjoy summer time feels the healthy way.

I love using the Wedderspoon Manuka honey to sweeten our lemonade because not only does it taste delicious but it has nutritional benefits too! Have you ever used Manuka honey? I’ll share a little more on why you should. Manuka honey is a great superfood to add into your diets because it covers a multitude of nutritional benefits. It has been a secret weapon in my holistic medicine cabinet and I never have to fight the kids to take a tablespoon of honey at any given time. Having it in lollipop form just makes them think they are getting a special treat. My dad was a beekeeper, and I have grown up eating honey and honey products while learning about what they do for your body. Honey calms inflamed membranes and eases a cough. In a study that involved 139 children, honey beat out dextromethorphan (a cough suppressant) and diphenhydramine (an antihistamine) in easing nighttime cough in children and improving their sleep. By using natural products versus chemical-filled medicines, we are building our immune systems up rather than breaking them down.

-1 bag of organic lemons (peeled and juiced in a juicer)
-4 cups of filtered water
-1/2 cup of coconut sugar or Wedderspoon Manuka honey

1. juice 1 bag of lemons
2. add to 4 cups of water in pitcher
3. add in sugar or honey and stir until blended

Have you ever done a lemonade stand with your kids? Or maybe even had one when YOU were a kid? If not, I totally recommend you do it this summer! Let me know when you try making your lemonade with the manuka honey and if you will never go back to sweetening with sugar!