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Peace of Mind thanks to the Playtex® Ventaire™ bottle

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and a date night with my husband is on my mind. Our children will be with my sister as she has so graciously offered to babysit for us to have some alone time. Date nights have become something that Derrek and I plan once a week so that we can have some one on one time to reconnect. Now that we are outnumbered by our children, this has become a number one priority to keep our relationship healthy. When Nolan and Harper were both infants, getting away was really hard for me to do because neither of them would take a bottle. I am so excited that this is not the case with Scarlet Reese. We have found that she will use the Playtex® VentAire™ Bottle with no problem.

I breastfeed, so the times that she uses a bottle are very few and far between. I honestly feel like this makes her extra picky when it comes to the times that she does have to use a bottle when I am not around. Not only is it important for my peace of mind that Scarlet Reese will take a bottle of milk while I am away from her, it makes the person keeping her feel less anxious as well. Derrek is often times, the person that keeps her while I get a few hours of alone time to myself. Randomly, I will enjoy some time away from everyone and I really enjoy being able to recharge my batteries. Derrek gets so tickled telling me how Scarlet Reese nurses from her Playtex® VentAire™ bottles when he keeps her. He says that she looks up at him with sheer amazement and sucks her milk down as quickly as possible. She doesn’t fuss or cry for him and he can enjoy his time with her. Their connection is really important and him being able to feed her makes him feel more in tune with her because she is breastfed.

The Playtex® VentAire™ bottle is a great fit for all babies but especially those that deal with gas, spitting up and/or fussiness which makes #forbetterbeginnings for everyone in the family. The anti-colic bottom vent helps keep air at the back of the bottle while the baby drinks making sure that the milk doesn’t mix with air and gets it in the tummy easier. I think that it’s really important to find a bottle to fit your baby’s needs above anything else and the Playtex® VentAire™ bottle is a no brainer in my book. As a #PlaytexMom, I highly recommend to all of my followers and their friends and family to try the Playtex® VentAire™ Bottle when breastfeeding just isn’t an option. You can buy the VentAire™ bottles on Amazon, Toys”R”Us, Walmart, and Target. The Playtex® VentAire™ bottle is up for a Mom’s Pick award over on – vote now! This is a sponsored post however, all opinions are my own. Please read my disclaimer page for more information.