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Staying hydrated with Healthy Human

One of the first things that I changed about my diet when I transitioned to a healthier lifestyle was my water intake. I went from drinking sodas and sweet tea to consuming nothing but water. It’s important to consistently drink water because it helps keep you full and hydrated. People confuse hunger for thirst a lot. If we would just take the time to drink a few glasses of water before reaching for an unhealthy snack, it would save us a lot of unnecessary calories and pounds. Once I got into a water routine, I would down 10 glasses or more a day and always ICE cold. Why ice cold? Your body burns calories heating itself up after you consume cold water. Cold water is also absorbed more quickly by the body, helping you rehydrate quicker. Natural digestive enzymes are also stimulated and therefore your digestion is enhanced. Although the suggested amount of water intake ranges from person to person, you can look at these signs to see if you need to up your H20 drinking. Is your urine clear or pale colored? Are you drinking water before, after and in between meals? Is your skin dry? Are you feeling mentally or physically fatigued?

Enter, Healthy Human Life. My go to water container while I’m at home or out and about. Their products are BPA free, no toxins, double walled and vacuum insulated, shatterproof, keeps hot and cold beverages the perfect temperature and fits most cup holders!

9/10 you’ll catch me using my Insulated Cruiser Tumbler at home.  It’s a cup that’s perfect for daily use. I drink my coffee, water and smoothies out of it. When I’m on the go, I always fill my Stein Water Bottle with water for all of us to use. The top creates a vacuum seal that gives me piece of mind when I throw into my diaper bag.

No matter what your cup of choice is, making sure that your hydrated should be your main priority. If you ever find that your not, simply creating timers on your cell phone to remind you could be beneficial to yourself and your health!